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Comment Why we shouldn't vote every day... (Score 1) 490

Let's see.

  • We aren't a Democracy in the US, we're a Republic. Voting on everything makes it easy for mob rule.
  • Voting on everything would be problematic, even with today's technology. It is still too easy to tamper with polling stations. What would be used to verify any questionable results?
  • As others have noted, what if the subject(s) you're very interested in come up for a vote on the day(s) you're unavailable to cast your vote?

...and that's just off the top of my head.

I can easily envision a world where opinions are cast and the "decision of the people" is whatever the politician in power wants it to be anyway. There would be no recourse and no verification. People would be little more than sheep. ...almost like now.

Comment Re:My oldest is 4 (Score 1) 4

Well... The son I've got in mind (the one that's showing an interest in this subject) is 16. Age isn't a factor.

My plan is to use Python as a stepping stone: teach some basic procedural things, use turtle to provide some visuals (he's taking Drafting classes at his high school), and then introduce him to the tools provided with the Unreal engine (A friend of mine pointed me at this video as well. It should be pretty interesting.)

I'm not planning to leave him high-and-dry; I'm expecting to be learning some stuff as we go, too. He keeps talking about wanting to design his own games, so I wanted to be able to steer him toward some tools that would help him reach his goal.

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Journal Journal: Teaching Python 4

Well, it looks like I'll be teaching one of my kids how to program.

To an extent, he's already familiar with some programming, as he's figured out how to program a TI calculator (not sure of the model, but it's in the 80s). Whether he understands the instructions he gives his calculator or not, I don't know. He'll know far more when I'm done. :)

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 3

I have several invitations, if you're interested. That would allow you to play around with it and see what you think.

I'm fairly interested in it because it seems to be a repository of sorts for GPG/PGP keys and stuff like that. (It is NOT a password storage tool like keypass!) I'm constantly forgetting my GPG key on a server that gets shutdown and re-purposed, and that could eventually be a Bad Thing.

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Journal Journal: Your opinion matters... 3 me, at least.

Does anyone else have experience with ?

I was given an invitation to it. I've signed in and set up a couple things, but I haven't had much else to do with it so far.

I'm curious to see what others think of it. Your thoughts?

Comment That's not how any of this works... (Score 2) 122

There are, of course, the legal ramifications (*cough*FourthAdmendment*cough*) regarding seizure without a court's say in the matter. (IANAL, etc, etc...)

There is also the fact that those that really cared about this site probably know the site's IP, and with that in hand, who cares what they do with the domain? Add the IP to your local /etc/hosts file (or its Windoze equivalent), and you're golden.

I'm pretty sure at this point that the RIAA (and MPAA for that matter) spend far more in legal fees from their delusions than they actually make in profits.

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Journal Journal: Back into Python 1

Okay... A couple weeks ago, I decided to take another look at Python-- the first such look I've given the language since around 1997.

So far, I have the basic stuff down. I've got a quick script down that provides functions to add ANSI colors to my output, so I have that going for me. :D

I have Python 2.x on a VM on my work system, but I'm using Python3 on my home system.

Comment Uhhhh.... No. (Score 1) 458

Lessig seems to forget that this country is not, nor has it ever been, a "democracy". This nation has always been a Republic.

The rules in place that he describes as "fixed" are an attempt (however feeble) at preventing the balance of power from being held by any one part of the country. Who would really enjoy it, for example, if California got choose presidents all by itself, simply because they had more people than most other states? (Yes, I'm quite aware that a few other states on the East Coast also have a lot of people, but at this writing, California has more Representatives in Congress, and therefore more Electoral votes, than any one of them.)

Besides that... His choices for VP would be Elizabeth "Hoaxahontas" Warren and Bernie "Socialism or bust" Sanders? Please.

Comment Re:Grass roots (Score 1) 7

It's not a problem to get the source for Slashdot (well, maybe an antiquated version of it anyway), so setting something up like Slashdot wouldn't be overly difficult. I don't imagine that Dice will just let the name go for cheap, and there's the rub.

Comment Re:the obvious (Score 1) 7

From what I've been seeing, it sounds like there are Suits running the show that wanted to make Pao (the woman who was CEO until recently) out to be the scapegoat. Trick is, one of the founding people (i think he was actually the first CEO?) is back and it's only gotten worse. Censorship abound, claims of "freedom of speech" abound, as long as you don't talk about certain subjects. All in all, it almost sounds like Political Correctness or even (dare I say it? Sure!) the current administration...

People that care about integrity are leaving, and those that remain are like cannibals, feeding on each other. It's not pretty. The amusing part about that is that these reports (usually in the form of redacted screenshots) come from people who can't seem to stay away from Reddit.

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Journal Journal: Fallout 7

Pretty interesting, that Reddit has been undergoing some grief over their policy changes. Many of their readership have jumped ship (to one extent or another) to, a site that has recently incorporated as an American entity in order to improve their chances of success. Factors in play (according to their announcement) include the ability to host in the US, ability to get financial support from the readers, and freedoms guaran

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Journal Journal: Google, my Hero! 6

Yeah, I said that.

Many, many moons ago, anyone that knows me that long might remember me asking about where to find a two-page advertisement that Sun Microsystems had put out some time around 1998. It had a picture of Sally Struthers and a caption that said something like "Thinking of running your critical apps on NT? Isn't there enough world suffering?"

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