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Comment: One or two, uh, overlooked opportunities. (Score 1) 364

by eeyore (#46118583) Attached to: EU Secretly Plans To Put a Back Door In Every Car By 2020
This is one of these clever technical fixes compromised by certain obvious <strike>problems</strike> opportunities.
  • Powerful vintage cars with mechanically-driven ignition systems.
  • Bad people who disable the cut-off device -it's their car after all!
  • What would happen if a remote shut-off device were stolen or borrowed?
  • A "home-built" remote shut-off device could be boon to criminals. Just the thing for that bullion job.

"Argonaut" Octopus Sucks Air Into Shell As Ballast 72

Posted by timothy
from the 8-legs-good dept.
audiovideodisco writes "Even among octopuses, the Argonaut must be one of the coolest. It gets its nickname — 'paper nautilus' — from the fragile shell the female assembles around herself after mating with the tiny male (whose tentacle/penis breaks off and remains in the female). For millennia, people have wondered what the shell was for; Aristotle thought the octopus used it as a boat and its tentacles as oars and sails. Now scientists who managed to study Argonauts in the wild confirm a different hypothesis: that the octopus sucks air into its shell and uses it for ballast as it weaves its way through the ocean like a tiny submarine. The researchers' beautiful video and photographs show just how the Argonaut pulls off this trick. The regular (non-paper) nautilus also uses its shell for ballast, but the distant relationship between it and all octopuses suggests this is a case of convergent evolution."

Google Voice Mails Found In Public Search Engine 145

Posted by timothy
from the wouldn't-mind-being-able-to-put-some-there dept.
bonch writes "Google Voice Mails have been discovered in Google's search engine, providing audio files, names, and phone number as if you were logged in and checking your own voice mail. Some appear to be test messages, while others are clearly not. Google has since disabled indexing of voice mails outside your own website."

Comment: Ok, so you don't like people showing off. (Score 1) 15

by eeyore (#28386651) Attached to: Diploma Denied To Student Who Blew Kiss To Family
I assume that the school made its policy very clear well before the ceremony started, and reiterated it immediately just before it did.

To entirely deny a pupil a school certificate for a momentary lapse in judgement is extreme. Presumably the school simply plans to post the certificate to its former pupil's address without further ceremony.
Data Storage

Researcher Warns of "Digital Dark Age" 367

Posted by Soulskill
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alphadogg writes "A assistant professor from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is sounding a warning that companies, the government and researchers need to come up with a plan for preserving our increasingly digitized data in light of shifting document management and other software platforms (think WordPerfect and floppy disks). Jerome P. McDonough, who teaches at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, says there exists about 369 exabytes worth of data, and that includes some pretty hard to replace stuff, including tax files, email and photos. Open standards could play a key role in any preservation effort, he says. 'If we can't keep today's information alive for future generations, we will lose a lot of our culture,' McDonough said. Even over the course of 10 years, you can have a rapid enough evolution in the ways people store digital information and the programs they use to access it that file formats can fall out of date.'"

Every nonzero finite dimensional inner product space has an orthonormal basis. It makes sense, when you don't think about it.