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Comment: Re:They were actually unhappy with Pearson. (Score 1) 325 325

According to last year's committee report (http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/6840) the cost breakdown was:

Mr. Hill addressed the Committee’s concern from a prior meeting about whether LAUSD got a good deal on the Apple-Pearson purchase. He reviewed a slide that was previously shown to the Board, which broke down the retail costs of the device and the bundle of ancillary products and services, and indicated the discount received by LAUSD. The $768 per seat price paid by LAUSD included the following extras in addition to the 32 gigabyte iPad 4 with Retina display:

  Special Case ($80);
  3-year Apple Care warranty ($150);
  Pre-loaded apps ($13-$21);
  Pearson curriculum ($150-$300);
  PD ($20); and
  Buffer Pool ($20).

Mr. Hill stated that the total estimated retail cost was $1,000-$1,200.

Comment: Re:They were actually unhappy with Pearson. (Score 2) 325 325

They were actually unhappy with Pearson.

The article makes this very clear. It wouldn't matter if the Pearson Curriculum were on an iPad or an Android device, they'd still be unhappy with it.

The contract was with Apple, with Pearson as a subcontractor, so even if the fault is all with Pearson, it's Apple that's responsible to the school district; beyond that it's between Apple and Pearson. And as primary, Apple should have been on top of Pearson to deliver their vaunted total user experience.

As an aside, all three of the final bidders used Pearson, so yes, it was doomed regardless of the underlying hardware.

Comment: Re:Good Luck (Score 2) 331 331

In theory, yes. If they are in a jurisdiction that allows non-competes, and the new employer knowingly induces the employee to break the non-compete terms, then Amazon could claim tortious interference. But hard to see them using that against low-level workers - they are easy to replace, and the courts will probably deem the non-compete unconscionable. If Amazon fights, and loses, that may reduce their ability to threaten higher-level employees with those terms.

Comment: Re:According to the article... (Score 2) 200 200

Canadian border agents have vaguely broad powers to search travellers; whether that includes demanding passwords is not explicitly stated and is untested in the courts. That's likely to change, however, as they recently charged someone for refusing to give up his phone's password:


Comment: Re:Precident has been set (Score 3, Informative) 213 213

Note: the outer Space treaty only applies to governments, not individuals or corporations.


Article VI

States Parties to the Treaty shall bear international responsibility for national activities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, whether such activities are carried on by governmental agencies or by non-governmental entities, and for assuring that national activities are carried out in conformity with the provisions set forth in the present Treaty. The activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty. When activities are carried on in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, by an international organization, responsibility for compliance with this Treaty shall be borne both by the international organization and by the States Parties to the Treaty participating in such organization.

Comment: Re:Yea, I'm sure he gives a rat's ass. (Score 1) 304 304

I'm pretty sure just being of Jewish descent is enough for a prosecution in Iran.

"...the Zionist manager of Facebook..."

Generally Islam has been tolerant of other religions as long as they keep to their own kind, pay their taxes, and don't get uppity. Zionism is in the getting uppity category.

Comment: Re:Whats the point? (Score 5, Informative) 431 431

Don't they know wikipedia exists?

Maybe not - quoting said wikipedia:

The school primarily serves the Charedi Jewish community of Stamford Hill. The Charedi community do not have access to television, the internet or other media, and members of the community aim to lead modest lives governed by the codes of Torah observance.

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