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Comment: Re:Precident has been set (Score 3, Informative) 213

by edjs (#47894021) Attached to: Congress Can't Make Asteroid Mining Legal (But It's Trying, Anyway)

Note: the outer Space treaty only applies to governments, not individuals or corporations.

Article VI

States Parties to the Treaty shall bear international responsibility for national activities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, whether such activities are carried on by governmental agencies or by non-governmental entities, and for assuring that national activities are carried out in conformity with the provisions set forth in the present Treaty. The activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty. When activities are carried on in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, by an international organization, responsibility for compliance with this Treaty shall be borne both by the international organization and by the States Parties to the Treaty participating in such organization.

Comment: Re:Yea, I'm sure he gives a rat's ass. (Score 1) 304

by edjs (#47102025) Attached to: Iran Court Summons Mark Zuckerberg For Facebook Privacy Violations

I'm pretty sure just being of Jewish descent is enough for a prosecution in Iran.

"...the Zionist manager of Facebook..."

Generally Islam has been tolerant of other religions as long as they keep to their own kind, pay their taxes, and don't get uppity. Zionism is in the getting uppity category.

Comment: Re:Whats the point? (Score 5, Informative) 431

by edjs (#46416937) Attached to: Jewish School Removes Evolution Questions From Exams

Don't they know wikipedia exists?

Maybe not - quoting said wikipedia:

The school primarily serves the Charedi Jewish community of Stamford Hill. The Charedi community do not have access to television, the internet or other media, and members of the community aim to lead modest lives governed by the codes of Torah observance.

Comment: Re:Last night's spam email was probably the cause (Score 1) 96

by edjs (#46124943) Attached to: Yahoo Mail Resets Account Passwords After Attack

I think that was just the usual background phishing that's always going on.

On the 19th I got a legitimate Yahoo sign-in alert for an account I had forgotten about and not used for the better part of a decade, with the only activity being a "Yahoo! Partner's Application" login. I'm guessing this login was part of this attack.

Comment: Re:Current PCs are good enough. (Score 1) 564

by edjs (#45933015) Attached to: PC Shipments In 2013 See the Worst Yearly Decline In History

Macs were the anomaly in all this - their "PC" sales went up 26% over the same time period.

Ultimate source is Gartner, but found the info here: linky

Just to be contrary, IDC released their own report, which has 4th quarter US shipments down only 1.5% overall, and Apple's down 5.7%. They have Lenovo growing 10% for the same period (vs Gartner's +3.5%), and have them as the only one with positive growth worldwide year on year.

IDC PC shipments press release

Comment: Re:Upper limit on planets? Lower limit on stars (Score 2) 129

Bad summary. The point of the article is that:

- the distance the planet is orbiting its primary is much farther out than current planet formation theories support.
- the planet is not massive enough compared to the primary to fit the theories on binary star formation.

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