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Comment Re:Meh (Score 2) 124 124

It was not a reverse. It was a postponement. From the SourceForge blog: "SourceForge pledges to present third-party offers only with the projects that explicitly opted-in to that program." So sourceforge will give money to developers if they agree to allow malware in install files. "We are forming a Community Panel to review our mirroring practices and guide the way mirrors are established and the presentation of mirrored content on the site." So sourceforge will resurrect their distribution of non-sourceforge software (like Firefox), potentially with malware included at no extra charge. It looks like they're just waiting for the uproar to die down before they continue with these practices.

Comment Re:Affect the moon? (Score 1) 61 61

They don't affect the moon significantly. While they are large enough, the difference in density between the water above and below the wave is so small, and the speed is so slow, the gravitational or frictional effect is too small to matter. However, the moon does affect the waves. They're caused by tidal forces.

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.