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Comment: And the other 80%? (Score 1) 78

So now, whenever there is a large CME, anybody who has an electronics failure can file an insurance claim even though there's an 80% chance it was an ordinary failure. Insurance companies will naturally respond with and exclusion for CME damage. It's not a problem now, but in 5 billion years when the sun expands beyond Earth's orbit there will be nobody to pay for all our failed electronics.

Comment: I'm not digitally ready. (Score 4, Insightful) 191

by edibobb (#47364433) Attached to: 30% of Americans Aren't Ready For the Next Generation of Technology
I'm not ready to embrace new Windows 8 technology. I'm not ready to manage my finances on an insecure Android phone. I'm not ready to spend uncounted hours ingesting inane trash on social networks (unless there's a member of the opposite sex involved, naturally). I'm not ready to browse a web dominated by animated ads and twisted news. I am a obviously a Luddite.

Comment: All it takes is power (Score 2) 83

by edibobb (#47203253) Attached to: Fuel Cells From Nanomaterials Made From Human Urine
With enough energy, you can convert water, urine, or almost any common chemical into a fuel cell and make the headlines. However, that does not make it practical. There are always the problems of efficiency, scalability, portability, and sometimes availability (as in the case of urine and bacteria). In other words, don't pee in your gas tank any time soon.

Comment: Sea Level Hype (Score 1) 182

by edibobb (#47190367) Attached to: Rising Sea Levels Uncover Japanese War Dead In Marshall Islands
Sea level has risen 7-8 inches over the past 100 years. By the year 2200, sea level is expected to rise somewhere between 4 and 30 inches. The sea level in the Pacific has not risen significantly more than on the rest of the earth.

When people exaggerate the effects of global warming, it only provides ammunition for the global warming deniers.

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