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Comment: Re:"Edge" (Score 2) 80 80

They wanted a name starting with "E", to keep a stylized blue "e" as an icon. Given that Windows 10 windows are essentially frameless, the browser viewing area is edge-to-edge, hence "Edge".

Then I think "Microsoft E" would have been a better name, invoking the drug that you'd have to be high on to want to use that browser.

Comment: Re:No way in hell (Score 1) 80 80

So fuck him, and fuck his browser. And fuck his company.

Oh, I'm with you. I learned long ago with Microsoft that you use what parts work, jettison the rest. It's actually taught me a good lesson about technology: Never fall in love with a company. Also, when it comes to technology, "ABS": Always Be Suspicious.

Comment: "Edge" (Score 2) 80 80

Who comes up with these idiotic names? Why not "Microsoft Nail" or "Microsoft Lance" or "Microsoft Thing That Penetrates"?

"Microsoft Edge" is a very '90s name to my ears, but maybe it's just the fact that I've been sitting on the porch drinking, eating barbecue and watching fireworks for the past several hours. But Microsoft was never really good at names, although I did once have a three-legged dog named "Clippy" (that's actually true).

Comment: Re:Holy Mountain (Score 1) 122 122

I doubt it would have been as good as you think. HE wanted to change some major plot devices like the role of *Melange*.

It didn't have to be as good as I think. It only had to be a singular vision from a cinematic shaman. With all the sequels and "re-boots", it's not like any one film has to be THE film. Just look at the Lynch version. Even with all the holes and miscues, bad decisions and questionable choices, it's still a terrific experience. Better in many ways than the book.

I trust genius. Herbert wrote a good, workmanlike book, but Jodorowsky, like Lynch, is a visionary.

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