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Comment: Re:"stealing just like stealing anything else" (Score 2) 408 408

Try calling Bell for service some time. Their call centers will make you realize that Bell truly is a 4 letter word!!!

Disclaimer: I'm an American and had to work with Bell on a project. I only have the likes of Comcast, TWC, and AT&T to compare Bell to.

Comment: Chalk boards don't BSOD (Score 1) 387 387

I'm tired of the pro-tech (sales monkeys) people acting as though a kids development will be hampered by them being exposed to fundamental tools like chalk, paper, pencils, etc. On one hand they boast about how simple to use tech is these days that even a 3 year old can use it. Then they try to ram tech down your throats at the first opportunity.

Why the fuck are iPad's being used as part of a gym class now in my kids school? To justify the expense of the new shiny tech that everyone is using for fear of the boogeyman jumping out and teaching kids how to do stuff without the school sponsored electronic crack dispensers!

Comment: Re:Boston fans... (Score 3, Interesting) 225 225

No surprise they can't understand science. Have you met the average football fan?

Have you met the average football player?

The overall college graduation rate of about 80% among retired NFL players is much higher than the general population rate of 30%

Of those degree holders, how many ex-players have degrees in Communication or Business?

Comment: Re:Comcast and Time Warner, a match made in . . . (Score 1) 112 112

Having had to call all of the major ISP's for service, I'd be floored if Satan even made it as far as anyone in support. The phone trees that they use ("please tell me about your problem") are awful enough to make the Dark Lord go do a keg stand with holy water!

OS/2 must die!