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Comment Re:the main legit use i can see (Score 1) 263

That is the only feasible option. The sheer traffic a purely drone based system would involve is staggering. Find your local UPS distro center, and watch how many trucks leave every morning. This time of year each of those trucks is carrying 700 or more packages and a good number of those packages are from Amazon.

Better yet get hired on as a seasonal driver and see how massive the operation is in your average metro area. I did last Christmas, at peak we were delivering over 70k packages a day, that was one of the three distribution centers serving the Salt Lake City Metro area. 210k packages flying out one flight at a time from that one complex. How is that not a nightmare waiting to happen. People just don't realize how much one vehicle can carry. And they will still need delivery drivers because the drone isn't made yet that will deliver some of the heavier and odd shaped items I delivered.

Maybe if the drone is one of two or three attached to each vehicle, hopping off to fly the 40 feet or so to the front step and then back to get the next package. And if the weather is compliant, that is. I delivered in heavy snow that I doubt any drone would handle well, and in winds that blew my hat off on one occasion. Personally I think this is a pipe dream, the sheer volume of flights that would be needed rule it out even without considerations for weather or weights above 55 lbs make it far less feasible than the current fleet of cargo vans and delivery drivers.

Comment Re:Place your blame for this appropriately (Score 1) 193

Fires is a problem. But one that tech is addressing as devices capable of disabling drones in an area or forcing them to return to their controller are starting to come out.

As to the Whitehouse, mount some of the new laser's the navy has developed on the Whitehouse. If a drone enters proscribed airspace around the house it goes poof. Prisons? That's why guards have shotguns, free skeet practice. Backyards are a little challenging. Shotguns is also my initial answer but discharging firearms is often prohibited. But perhaps tech can help there with stay-away beacons on a smaller scale from what is starting to appear in response to the Fire and Airport issues.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 222

It does still apply. For regular readers of a site a subscription may apply. But far more readers come following shared links. For those readers a subscription is not worth it. If advertisers would show some responsibility about their ads the demand for adblockers would not be as high. Get rid of the autoplay videos and animated ads, get rid of the interstitial's that pop up on top of the page, requiring those on mobile devices to try to scroll around to find the tiny x to close it. A few ads splitting up the text (as long as it's not requiring a new page load for every other paragraph.) are tolerable, as are banners at the top and bottom as long as they don't interfere with scrolling and navigation.

These businesses go after the ad-blockers yet refuse to acknowledge that it's their behaviors and the ads they allow that inspire blockers.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

Five years of study and testing. It's fish meat. No special chemical compounds or extra nutrients are produced. The FDA and the developers spent five years testing these fish. They are fish, they grow up faster and they get bigger, nothing more. You don't absorb their DNA you digest it. It's not an additive, it doesn't produce extra nutrients like Golden Rice, it isn't immune to chemicals like round-up, it doesn't produce a toxin to keep pests away. It's a fish that grows faster and bigger.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

The problem with that is that in most cases there is no wonderful property that would appeal to the consumer. As in this case, the GM lets the fish grow faster and bigger. So other than bigger Salmon steaks what exactly is the advertising angle?

It's meat, it has the same nutrients and nutritional values as no GM Salmon, only the farmers can produce more and bigger fish in less time.

Comment Re:Why single out a magazine? (Score 4, Insightful) 109

How about not name any. They chose to list gunowner magazine to draw the ire of those opposed to anything related to gun rights. Heck they even noted that the reporting news agency received a copy of the data, why not list themselves? Or better yet just state the information was incorrectly released to multiple news agencies.

Comment Re:How to translate the interactive experience of (Score 1) 167

Mod this parent up. And this would be the answer. A good compelling storyline is essential, like a quest to destroy a magic ring, that could work. Maybe even make it to three movies. There are a few books in the DragonLance universe I think might make a decent movie. Most would not translate well but a few just might. The original trilogy is a good read but I'm not sure they would make the jump.

But to simply call a movie a D&D movie because it's based in the fantasy Genre does not bode well, you need the plot and narrative.

Comment Re:What tech does it use? (Score 1) 101

NFC, if your device is an android that entered the market after the Galaxy S2 it most likely has it. NFC is a short range RFID system. Your phone actually can read and write to RFID chips rather than having a chip it is a reader.

You can also get NFC/RFID tags that you can then code with instructions for your device. I have one in my vehicle next to my car mount which puts the screen and sound on bright and turns off the wifi. And another on my end table (where it usually sits when I'm at home) that turns on the wifi. Those are just two of the tags I have set-up.

Comment Re: So how is this different (Score 1) 101

You have no idea what you are talking about. Google wallet has been the leader in this payment system. It does function as described above, all payments are actually made with the Google MasterCard account (who gets those points?). It is highly secure, far better than paypal, and it works and has worked well for years now. With versions of Android before 4 there were problems at times but from original KitKat on it has worked quite well.

And is available on Android 5 and higher. I used it just the other day to pay for my groceries with my device which is running Lolipop. (Android 5).

Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 1) 109

Go visit our sis-in law, she uses a video baby monitor. She was freaked out at first by the Cyber-CSI episode but then realized that there really is no threat. The gain on the mic isn't that great. We were there, the older kids were playing and yelling, but you really couldn't tell through the shut door to the nursery room. Watching it enable us to watch the child not sleep but rather talk to himself for most of his nap.
Such critical information.

People use baby monitors to enable them to close doors so as to not risk disturbing the baby with conversations or other activities yet still allow them to monitor them. Doors are surprisingly effective at muffling sounds, add to that cheap microphones and good luck getting any information of actual value.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.