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Comment Re:One down. (Score 1) 543

Agreed, Bush's biggest flaw is his last name. America will not vote for another Bush, at least not for a few decades. For him to get the nomination would in my opinion guarantee a Democrat win on his last name alone. That despite his actual accomplishments and abilities.

Comment Re:shifted to corrupt union bosses, yes (Score 1) 543

Yes, because the several other Unions that did agree to the needed terms, the company said it needed to remain afloat also blamed the one Union that refused to cooperate and thus forced the company out of existence. The Hostess product you buy today is made by another company that bought the rights to the names, logos and recipes .

All because one Union refused to budge when the company pleaded with them that the Union's demands would put them out of business.

Comment Re:First, deport all the Canadians (Score 1) 350

Only one parent has to be a US Citizen to bestow natural born citizenship. His mother was born in Delaware, and she met the residency requirements with ease. He is in fact eligible. The question is not up for debate the law and requirements are clear. Being born in Canada does not change his status.

Not everybody on the right is a birther. Although I despise his politics was born in Hawaii and even had he been born overseas his mother is a citizen as well. His eligibility was never in question.

Comment Re:Fundamentals (Score 1) 350

Actually Mr. cowardly AC, Cold fjord has it exactly correct. We have solid evidence to support their detention. But that evidence is classified. If we let them onto US soil they gain automatic right to the civilian court system which would demand that evidence or set them free. As the evidence is classified for a reason (and not to hide war crimes), we will not release the evidence and thus they would be set free.

These individuals chose to take up arms against us without being part of an actual national military, this puts them outside the protections of the Geneva and Hague conventions. We would have been fully justified to just line them up and execute them for their war crimes. We have chosen not to do so and thus we need a way and place to detain them.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 407

Why roads, think to the recent story (a few weeks ago) about a town fighting a solar installation because three of the four routes into town were already surrounded by solar. Or the possible impetus of the federal actions around the Bundy standoff in 2014 being regarding getting land for a solar plant.

Land is finite, but the roads are already publicly owned, no need to buy up the land or force owners out, or install more ugly construction, Just pave the roads with panels, let the roads generate power (which can then wirelessly charge EV's driving over them) rather than fields and fields of mirrors or panels. It's not the only solution but it is one worth trying if the panels can be made to stand up to the abuse.

Comment Re:Responsible enough to carry a loaded weapon, (Score 1) 500

No, he did not forget the gun was in that case. The gun is always in that case. In his rush and having to grab that case at the last second to not miss his flight when his travel case broke, he forgot to move the gun that is always in that case to another location. That is the point, there was a degree of complacency. But he did not forget where the gun was. There is a difference.

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