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Comment Re:How to translate the interactive experience of (Score 1) 167

Mod this parent up. And this would be the answer. A good compelling storyline is essential, like a quest to destroy a magic ring, that could work. Maybe even make it to three movies. There are a few books in the DragonLance universe I think might make a decent movie. Most would not translate well but a few just might. The original trilogy is a good read but I'm not sure they would make the jump.

But to simply call a movie a D&D movie because it's based in the fantasy Genre does not bode well, you need the plot and narrative.

Comment Re:What tech does it use? (Score 1) 101

NFC, if your device is an android that entered the market after the Galaxy S2 it most likely has it. NFC is a short range RFID system. Your phone actually can read and write to RFID chips rather than having a chip it is a reader.

You can also get NFC/RFID tags that you can then code with instructions for your device. I have one in my vehicle next to my car mount which puts the screen and sound on bright and turns off the wifi. And another on my end table (where it usually sits when I'm at home) that turns on the wifi. Those are just two of the tags I have set-up.

Comment Re: So how is this different (Score 1) 101

You have no idea what you are talking about. Google wallet has been the leader in this payment system. It does function as described above, all payments are actually made with the Google MasterCard account (who gets those points?). It is highly secure, far better than paypal, and it works and has worked well for years now. With versions of Android before 4 there were problems at times but from original KitKat on it has worked quite well.

And is available on Android 5 and higher. I used it just the other day to pay for my groceries with my device which is running Lolipop. (Android 5).

Comment Re:Marketplace Justice (Score 1) 109

Go visit our sis-in law, she uses a video baby monitor. She was freaked out at first by the Cyber-CSI episode but then realized that there really is no threat. The gain on the mic isn't that great. We were there, the older kids were playing and yelling, but you really couldn't tell through the shut door to the nursery room. Watching it enable us to watch the child not sleep but rather talk to himself for most of his nap.
Such critical information.

People use baby monitors to enable them to close doors so as to not risk disturbing the baby with conversations or other activities yet still allow them to monitor them. Doors are surprisingly effective at muffling sounds, add to that cheap microphones and good luck getting any information of actual value.

Comment Re:Poor guy never answered the complaint (Score 1) 389

Regardless, you fail to show up, it shows you don't care about the results and you hand a default judgment to the other side, because you couldn't be bothered to show up. And yes if that's how you choose to show up, pulling on your sneakers and driving to the court room is better than not showing up at all.

Comment Re:Poor guy never answered the complaint (Score 1) 389

If not for this provision anyone who knows they are going to lose would just fail to show up. If sued sorry but you have to make your case if you want to win. Trying to ignore it will just hand the victory to the side that bothers to show up, as in this case It makes no sense to do it any other way. Don't show and the judge only has the opposition's side to go off of. And thus has no choice but to rule for the side that showed up.

Comment Re:Even if it has been cracked... (Score 1) 222

It depends on what those agents are getting access to, and where the greater value lies. With Enigma the far greater value was in not letting the Germans know we'd cracked the code. But had an Enigma message revealed an agent with access to a critical program, site or persons, then the value would have been re-evaluated.

If the Russkies decide the potential damage is greater if those agents remain in place then they will arrest the agents. If they decide knowing who the agents are grants the greater benefit then the agents are allowed to remain unmolested. Neither choice is guaranteed, to arrest or to protect depends on a variety of variables.

Comment Re:Of course the majority will be from Android (Score 1) 344

And how many Android users had an iOS device as a prior smart phone. I know many former iPhone users who are now happy Android fans, and many former Android users who are happily enjoying the iOS realm now.

I never had an iPhone, but I had an iPod Touch before I had my first smart phone, so I'm not totally clueless to the Apple experience. I still have and use that touch, but also am on my third Android phone and have multiple android tablets.

Comment So My kids don't express themselves with chalk? (Score 1) 387

So what are the creative drawings that cover my driveway several times a week? What are the drawings and stories they are starting to write. I will acknowledge that similar to myself, my oldest does not like writing by hand (minor learning disability diagnosed in me in middle school) so he does better with a keyboard, but the others like writing and as they are getting older they are expressing themselves. My middle child will play on computers but I doubt they will be his primary outlet for energy and expression. It's just not in his personality, he gets bored staring at a screen.

Anyone who tries to push a monolithic educational style is trying to harm our educational system and our kids. There are many different learning styles, a competent teacher knows how to find and engage the learning styles of all her students, not just the ones that do well with keyboards.

Kids express themselves in many media and forms.

Comment Re:The simpsons are still on? (Score 1) 214

They "literally" jumped the shark in season 2. (homer jumped a shark tank) Groening was around for quite a while after that.. It's how it has lasted so long. As soon as they had a deal for more than just the original season they jumped the shark to get that out of the way.

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