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Comment: Re:Indeed it probably doesn't matter (Score 1) 152 152

No license: default copyright. No-one is allowed to redistribute without your express permission.

No license is worse than that. It means nobody knows what the terms of your use of this software are. For all anybody knows, you actually agreed to something outlandish like the deed to your house in exchange for the right to make a backup copy. You can't prove otherwise, because you can't present a copy of this "no license".

If a company ends up with such software and an audit happens, there will be major problems. So I don't ever ever use someone else's software if it didn't come with some kind of license.

Comment: Re:GPL/BSD (Score 1) 152 152

If you want your software to be used by as many people/corporations as possible, use BSD.

That seems to be the general public consensus.

Personally, if I'm in that situation I use CC0 instead. Its effectively Public Domain, with a completely permissive fallback license for areas where Public Domain isn't possible (eg: arguably the USA). The BSD is a lot of legalese in an attempt to accomplish the same thing. Even after all that effort, some versions of it actually fail and render the code GPL incompatible. Seeing the BSD is a huge drag, because I have to scan the entire text of the damn license looking for common gotchas like advertising clauses. Why?

If total freedom is what you want to give, there's no sense in half-assing it with BSD. Use CC0.

Comment: Use a well-known license! (Score 1) 152 152

Whatever you do, please please please use a well-known license. I'm am completely sick of having to read and grok screens full of leagalese and then go to The FSF list of licenses to see if there's something important I missed. I'm sure every license has some nuance that makes it better for some purpose or other, but I don't care.

While I understand the attraction of BSD (and its zillion variants), I've found that I can cover all use-cases for my own work with one of three licenses (in order of stringency)

  1. GPL - For full-blown applications that I don't want some schmuck trying to swipe and close off to make themselves a profit off my work. This is the most well-known license in existence, so your users should know exactly what they are getting.
  2. GPL with linking and inclusion exceptions - For reusable libraries. This allows a client to use my library in a non-GPL program of their own with whatever license they want. (But keeps the library itself GPL). Yes, this is supposedly what the LGPL is for, but it has issues with modern languages like C++ and Ada that use language features that amount to textual inclusion of library code in the client's program. The simple boilerplate exception verbiage in ECos fixes this problem, and otherwise leaves the license the well-known GPL.
  3. CC0 - For stuff I want used as much as humanly possible, including incorporated into other people's programs if they like. CC0 is as close to "Public Domain" as it is legally possible to get in this day and age.
  4. Now in the poster's case, you'd need to be very careful around the GPL. Check here to make sure all the licenses on all that other stuff is GPL compatible. If not, you can't use GPL. But even if you can, there's no guarantee those other licenses are all compatible with each other. This is why, again, developers should do their users a favor and stick to well-known GPL compatible licenses.

Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 1) 262 262

So, you see your truck as more of a "lifestyle" purchase than a utilitarian one?

My grandfather was a small farmer and a rancher. He was a really sweet guy, but also the toughest human being I have ever met or will meet. If you open your dictionary to Ornery, you'll probably see his picture.

He owned 4 pickups, and one car. One of the pickups was actually an ancient Ford "Power wagon" with a wood bed. Some guy tried to buy it off him for a museum, but grandpa refused because he was still using it.

However, whenever he needed to go into town for something, he'd take the car, not one of the pickups.

So people who drive pristine pickups in the city? Yes, they are 100% just making a statement. They probably think that statement is "I'm a tough country guy". However, the statement they are actually making is "I'm a total poser". I've seen a tough country guy, and they ain't it. A real pickup has dents and rust. A real country guy leaves his pickup at home unless he needs it for something. If you are driving a pickup around to try to impress people, then by definition you aren't country.

Of course this is a cultural thing. People born after 1980 perhaps never saw this, and don't think twice about such things. I guess now I'm learning why old folks have a reputation for being cranky...

Comment: Because job outfit only look for links in google (Score 5, Insightful) 141 141

Why would you having been in debt should bar you from a new job ? Why being lesbian should bring you problem ? Why a petty theft when you were 18 should still haunt you when you are 30 ? Keep in mind most justice system are rehabilitating in Europe, not mostly retributive like the US one. And you have as such a right to have for your average sentence to not have a fault you paid for with prison haunt you and bar your new job (there are some exception e.g. pedophilia due to the nature of the law breaking). If every job seeker are looked up in google and the first stuff which pops up is something you did 10 years ago and either grew out of it, or paid the price with a prison, that would bar you from occupation and reintegration into society, and make recidivism more probable. Asking firm to not do that would not work due to human nature. Removing it from google would work.

Keep in mind that until end of the 90ies we HAD a way to be forgotten : nobody would go into paper clip from 10 years before and check what you did. But with google even the most minor stuff stays forever. As I mentioned here, a society which do not forget, is a society which (on average) do not forgive. And that make rehabilitation far harder. You want to live in a society which do not forget even the slightiest transgression ? Well good luck with that. I certainly do not want. Not because I am a law breaking human, but because freedom lies at the edge of the road, not in the middle. And that is not even counting what children/teenager/young adult can do stupid legal stuff which can mark them forever, like partying drunk and being in the news. Well before the 90ies unless you want into archive journal you would never know as an employer. Nowadays if somebody catch you you have no recourse google remember forever. Heck just being outted as gay, lesbian or even transsexual can bring you a lot of problem, even in western democracy like the US. Thus the right to be forgotten. BBC should really be the first to understand that. But I am guessing they would rather fuck up people than admit it. And yes I am aware that some bad people will try to abuse it. That is why normally the court should be the one deciding whether a right to be forgotten is there , or not.

Comment: Re:Social Media Outrage? (Score 1) 369 369

..and he got terminated from all of his positions.

If it stopped at him being mocked, that would be fine. Still an overreaction, because his comments were taken out of context and completely not understood (perhaps *willfully* misunderstood, as was the case with may who piled on Justine Sacco). But, whatever.

But he also got fired. And that's why this is a serious problem.

Comment: Same was said for train (Score 2) 152 152

And guess what ? You should know better than to rely on time or speed to make such a guess. You should rely on force and acceleration. 1 G is perfectly survivable by human , and within 1 minutes you are already at 60 meter per seconds, and in 10 minutes 600 meter per seconds or about 2160 kmh. At that sped you do paris new york in 2 and half hour and the 400 miles between los angeles and san francisco in about 15 minutes. Naturally the speed we are talking about are not even 1/4 of that, and the acceleration much lower. But still it shows you that when it comes to beeing squished, you are way way underestimating how much it would take.

Comment: Re:How do you define anything? (Score 2) 1071 1071

"The reality is that for thousands of years and across all known cultures marriage has been defined as a relationship between different sexes. "

Says the one not knowing history. Ever herd of greek men mariage in ancient greece ? Or in China ? Gee it is not as if a ready to grasp encyclopedia *with* reference you can check, was not available.

Ohhh look at that snippet :

These same-sex unions continued until Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. A law in the Theodosian Code (C. Th. 9.7.3) was issued in 342 AD by the Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans, which prohibited same-sex marriage in ancient Rome and ordered that those who were so married were to be executed.

This is your "never was a gay mariage". Sure christian ordered them killed and forbid that. Hurhur.

Comment: Re:High fat? (Score 1) 244 244

Now if we stop talking about mice and start talking about people we can look at what the science has always shown. There are things called diseases of modern culture. As in indigenous people who don't eat like western cultures have low cancer and mental illness rates and no heart attacks.

Except that science has never shown that. Atherosclerosis has been found in mummies (not just from Egypt but also Peru, the southwest America, and the Aleutian Islands), and the idea that modern Inuit have low rates of heart disease was never evidence-based

Fats and proteins don't spike the blood sugar.

But protein does spike insulin.

What science actually shows is what it's always shown: a diet based around whole plant foods, high in fiber and moderate to low in fat and protein, is the most healthful for primates, including those weird bald ones.

Comment: Difference (Score 1) 815 815

There is a difference between preserving history in books, in museum, and to flaunt it on a capitol place, flaunt it on cars, and flaunt it in the face of those which suffered to it in the southern state. The Nazi flag is history too. Guess what the reaction of the world would be if it got flying again before the Bundestag ? You want to pretend it is history ? Then keep it at home in a shrine. Not on your car as sticker, not on the capitol flying high.

Comment: You don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 80 80

"Opponents of the law were quick to mock the government for vigorously protesting being surveilled by one of the country's closest allies while passing a law that gives its own intelligence services vast powers with what its opponents regard as little oversight." that is because in the spy game, everybody spy as much the other as they can. there is with almost certainty french spy right at this moment trying to intercept Obama's conversation. But getting caught, be it red handed or by a leak is a no-no - the biggest sin - as the government HAVE to pretend they are angry , etc... It is all theater for the plebe, while the spy and counter intelligence on both side sigh and go on as usual , maybe tightening their protocol. The bottom line is : this will change nothing in US - France relationship, it will just force US politician to be a bit contrite for a few days (maybe - if even), French politician to be angry for a few week, and then wait that the media move onto the next story and forget it all. And the shadow game then continue.

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