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Comment No (Score 1) 258

"As to whether an exact copy of you is actually you, I would say yes, unless you're going to argue something supernatural like a soul"
No you are confusing same subset of object with identical object. This is the same as with the teleporter dilemma. If you take somebody then construct a copy of all neurone and then murder the original, nobody may even tell the difference. But from the perspective of the person you murdered : they were killed, life stopped. To hold that that person would continue in the copy is to hold belief worst than supernatural. This is the difference between identical subset of object (same copy of you, same copy of a basketball), and same object (if i take a basket ball or human, copy it atom by atom and destroy the original).

The problem is that many (most?) people do not care that an identical clone continue in their place, what they want is that they continue forever. And THAT is why the complete upload in an instant do not achieve the same goal as the bit by bit hardware replacement and integration with the system. In fact think of it as this : imagine the upload system is non destructive. You have essentially the hardware copy working while the human is not dead. See the problem ?

Comment Re:CVS or Subversion (Score 1) 310

As far as I can tell, you're describing the classic CVS or Subversion small team setup.

That's my impression too. It looks like this list of requirements were thought out by someone who doesn't really understand how modern DVCS works.

__Server_running_locally__ - There's really no such thing as a "server" in Git. You can certainly (and probably will) set up your repositories in a fashion that there is effectively a parent repo everyone pulls from or pushes to on a server somewhere. But that's entirely up to you.

Use windows credentials - You can set up file permissions up on the underlying files any way you want, but I think that's not what you are talking about. This "requirement" seems to again be picturing a single "server" somewhere with a single monolithic tool used to access it.

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