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Comment: It does not prove her point at all (Score 0) 906

By that weak standard any death threat against a creationist makes creationism "true" and proves his point. This is a stupid irrational response by people. Death treat or rape threat do not prove a point. facts and evidence demonstrate or at least consolidate a point. She does not have that. Her video have been shown to be ill researched and she ignored fully what went against her point. Still threatening her only proves there are idiot which get a kick of threatening other people. It does not prove at all anything about videogame and damsel in distress.

Comment: Re:My opinion on the matter. (Score 1) 789

by Mr. Slippery (#47756277) Attached to: Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

According to the market...

...which is a completely irrelevant way to measure quality of tech. The success or failure of a company has more to do with its ability to manipulate markets than with the quality of its products. MS got its market dominance by making a deal with IBM, not by creating a great product. Apple got its market dominance by cultivating an image, not by creating a great product.

Comment: Re: The world we live in. (Score 0) 581

by Cruciform (#47751247) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

There's no doubt that they are used but the prevalence is likely as exaggerated as "stranger danger".
In the UK 75 cases of suspected dosing were investigated and only one person turned out to have a date-rape drug in their tox screen. The other cases appeared to be people drinking to excess.
This doesn't put the blame on the victim instead of a rapist. We should also be aware that the regular old issue of people getting shitfaced is still a real contributor to creating vulnerable targets for predators.

Comment: This doesn't compute...or does it (Score 1) 112

by Cruciform (#47751183) Attached to: Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With "Swing Copters"?

The original creator comes up with the idea, usually among many ideas. Then they have to decide which one to go with. Then you have to design and implement, refine, and see what works, until you have something worth releasing.
Then you might have to put the effort into social media or advertising.
Then you might become popular.
Then someone else looks at what you created and breaks the concept down into components that are easily reproducible in a day or two, while their artist copies your art. They flood the store with them.
The only real counter to something like that is to create a game that's complicated enough that reproducing the game mechanics that make it popular takes long enough that the clones don't come out in time to bite into the profit during the critical first week/month.

Comment: Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 505

by jonathan_ingram (#47743059) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?

As you have only been introduced to elementary math(s), you may not be aware that median is also an average. Half of programmers *are* below average using one of the three usual rivals for 'average'. It would be hard to use mean, as it's not clear that you could find a rating system for which using mean would make sense.

Of course, it's not clear that there is any sensible numeric rating scale for programmers, and it would be interesting to argue about what the modal average would be, but it's just a throwaway comment which doesn't need to be analysed in such depth. The meaning and sense of the comment is clear.

If you are going to play the role of overly pedantic nerd, at least do it correctly so you don't get laughed at.

Comment: Re:Jeff, the trip you've been waiting for is ON SA (Score 1) 83

I really don't understand why people hate targeted ads so much. Sure they might miss the mark.

I care about the covert surveillance which enables targeted ads.

I care about powerful corporate and political interests attempting to manipulate my decisions. That's nothing less than mind control, black magic.

The ads themselves? Adblock Plus removes them from my sight anyway.

Comment: Gamer ? (Score 1) 274

by aepervius (#47741351) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys
What I would call gamer is somebody which dedicate quite a sizable part of his life to play video game (whether you see that negatively or positively). If you reduce it "playing some video game sometime" you get a pretty vaccuous statistic where pretty much everybody is inside. It is equivalent to calling "gambler" anybody which made a bet of any sort (casual or not) at *ANY* point in 2014. Pretty much not what is named a gambler , and so that should not be used for gammer either.

ALso video game are severly segmented. They target by segment. Dude-bro setgment (COD, battlefield), sport segment, FPS twitch competition , MOBA segment, MMO segment, single player and "retro" segment, etc... None of those segment have the same appeal to everybody. As such saying 52% of gamer are girl is utterly useless as 1) this says nothing about targeted segment 2) you lowered the "is gamer" definition until everybody is in, so it is useless to targeting.

The fact remain is that even among my numerous nephew and niece, the young segment, *girl* in average might play a game more, but disparage and persiflage against boy which still play a lot more. Sure it is anecdotal, but that's more people than some small scale psychological study use. They do not see themselves as gamer, because most of them rightfully recognize it not as "has played a video game ocne in 2014" but rather "has made a major hobby of playing video game".

That said the proportion of "gamer" aka people making it a hobby and playing numerous hours during the week, is increasingly populated by women. I welcome that because I have been tired of the AAA game for a decade or so (too many which are dude-bro shoota-shoota , women with extremly skimpy clothing, white dude with surging muscle, damsel in distress and male hero which snaps the finger and get the girls ---- where are the beyond good and evil and the world with an heroine ?) and hope to see a surge in different gaming type as women rise to be the fabled 50+%. True to be said there is a much more diverse gaming offer today than there was 10 years ago thanks to indy.

Comment: The same reason other content are illegal (Score 0) 391

by aepervius (#47727379) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime
"Why should it be illegal that I do?" because some culture set a point at which they do not want some content to be watched. Look in the US there was an incredible fuss over some breast being uncovered, fines being dished etc... This sound absolutely mad to me. On the other hand letting video of people killed just sound as mad. But other culture will resort to scream against forbidding them because "censorship is bad".

*shrug* we all have different culture and reson to forbid some information being shown. There is no culture on earth which allow *all* and *every* content freely on all media. None. Not even the US.

Comment: Re:Linus does not understand the size of the effor (Score 1) 724

by T.E.D. (#47715441) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Microsoft probably has somewhere between 6 and 20 thousand engineers working on device drivers

Are you sure? I know they make their own mice and keyboards. But for most devices, I get the impression they rely on the hardware manufacturers to write the drivers for their own devices.

Unless you literally meant "6<engineers<20000".

Comment: Re:Microsoft is a spent force (Score 1) 142

by T.E.D. (#47711545) Attached to: Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board

Then there's Bing, who's only claim to fame is being the world's greatest search engine. For. Porn.

Wait... it is? Seriously? I've got a friend who actually cares about this. I'll "let him know".

Given how incredibly hard it sucks at looking up technical information, I suspect it would be awesome in porn.

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