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Comment: Re:Why so worked up? Answer. (Score 1) 288

by SuperKendall (#47487283) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

It's really stupid to think in numbers per-person when the problem is an absolute quantity emitted into the atmosphere.

I mean, just look at the data

You emit 1.19% of the total CO2 emitted by all countries. What are larger cuts on your part really going to do?

Australia's numbers are high because you don't have tens of millions of people living in dirt huts. Really want to do that? And the laws repealed were changing the number from what, 17 to 16.75...

Comment: Chainsaw! (Score 1) 154

Please make it moddable. I want a chainsaw on my wheelchair. Woooo!

Now why would I make WHeX WITHOUT chainsaws!

A chainsaw on every corner. The footrests? Both chainsaws.

And then of course there's the Tow Saw, which is a chainsaw tied to a rope that bounces around randomly as you roll forward.

Comment: The obvious FPS that needs to be made then (Score 4, Insightful) 154

Wheelchair Hunter eXTreme

You're sitting down. You could even sell wheels that attached to the side of office char armrests... and a gun accessory that tracked position relative to your body to match the virtual version.

Or, a Battlezone clone where you are in an open cockpit.

Comment: Why so worked up? (Score 1) 288

by SuperKendall (#47480333) Attached to: Australia Repeals Carbon Tax

I don't understand why you Aussies think this even matters. Do you know how much carbon you guys produce next to China or India? A laughably small amount. You could start building factories tomorrow in the outback that did nothing but spew raw CO2 into the atmosphere and it would take you hundreds of years to catch up to China alone.

If CO2 is to really be reduced the effort falls squarely on large semi-developed countries like China or India. Even the US has already cut back as much as they can, and that without a carbon tax also... we just weren't as stupid as you to pass it to start with.

You guys are just wising up to the reality that carbon taxes are as much a ruse to make people money as anything else. Where do you think "carbon taxes" go anyway...

Comment: You mean Little Brother? (Score 2) 126

30 years after the original 1984 commercial the rebels have been co-opted and are now partnering with big brother.

In what way is IBM Big Brother any more? They have not been for a decade or more... if anything they are the Nerdy Brother, just hanging out on the side doing technical stuff while Microsoft gives them a wedgie every time he comes back home.

But in reality this pairing is to keep both companies strong against Google, not Microsoft.

Comment: Re:Strictly speaking... (Score 1, Informative) 95

by blueg3 (#47409007) Attached to: Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public

Oddly, it's not. That's where OP is coming from. "Treasure trove" comes ultimately from Latin via French (or at least, some language fragments the Normans brought over). The "trove" means "found", so it's "found treasure". That's why in the original (pre-English) phrase, the word order is backwards: "trove" is the adjective, "treasure" is the noun, and it follows the appropriate French/Latin word order. It was pulled directly into English without reordering (common for borrowed phrases). Eventually, "trove" (which had no English meaning at all) became a synonym (a shortening) for "treasure trove".

So by etymology, "trove" was originally an adjective. However, it means nothing in English. The phrase "treasure trove" is a noun phrase all by itself that can't really be broken into parts.

Comment: Re:seems like snowden did the exact same thing. (Score 5, Insightful) 95

by blueg3 (#47407887) Attached to: Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public

* The documents are being revealed to the public now and document events from 30-40 years ago.
* These are documents that he personally worked with, rather than a cache of documents acquired for the purpose of copying and releasing them.
* There's no question, I think, that this guy was a spy and defector. He was moved from Russia to the UK with the help of UK intelligence agencies in exchange for Russian secrets. Nobody's trying to claim that he's a "whistleblower". No comment on his actions or motivations vs. Snowden's, but they are potentially substantially different.
* This guy is dead.

Up to you to decide if any of these are substantive differences and why, but there are distinct differences.

Comment: Re:Strictly speaking... (Score 2, Informative) 95

by blueg3 (#47407805) Attached to: Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public

In English, "trove" has been a standalone noun for more than two hundred years. It's short for "treasure trove".

Etymologically, the "trove" in "treasure trove" comes from an adjective, but "trove" by itself isn't an English adjective. That's language for you.

Strictly speaking, you're inventing a meaning that would make sense etymologically and asserting that it's the "real" meaning of the word. It's only dictionaries and speakers of English that disagree with you.

Comment: Portability (Score 1) 129

by SuperKendall (#47405083) Attached to: Android Wear Is Here

but it's not easier to bring a tablet and a laptop than to just bring a laptop, right?

No, but it is easier to bring just a laptop than a tablet. Any USB source charges it. You can carry it more easily, and use it in more places.

since a laptop does everything a tablet does

Not actually true (touch interface far better for things like drawing) but let's pretend it is.

A laptop may be able to do everything a tablet does but if the tablet is far lighter and has better batter life guess which most people would rather have on a trip?

In a foreign country would you rather wander around looking for a WiFi cafe with a tablet tucked in your purse, or a backpack with a laptop?

This is exactly why tablets have done as well as they have, because they replace laptops for some scenarios where portability is more convenient.

i'm in BT range of my phone 99% of the day, and i think that's pretty typical.

And I'm in quick viewing range of my phone 99% of my day, which is also typical. They are the same thing...

Comment: Also stop paying attention hear home (Score 1) 139

by SuperKendall (#47404193) Attached to: Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi

Because you are used to the area, you do not think about driving as much near home - instead thinking about what you will do where you are going or when you get home, when you are close. It's easy to grow inattentive and miss a change that leads to an accident.

Picking someone up and dropping someone off has none of the risks of familiarity since each situation is different.

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