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Comment: Re:Stay away from my school please (Score 1) 101

Not true. In our elementary schools they are pretty much using browsers only with occasional word processing and presentations. The chromebooks are berfect for this. At this grade they are not doing any tech type stuff and if they do then they go to the labs. They are using the laptops for courseware not programming.

Comment: Learning curve (Score 1) 451

by dacarr (#46718823) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?
Any OS change is going to have a learning curve. Hell, I had to adjust to using Linux in '01 after having used OS/2 for about four years. Ask yourself this: are you willing to put up with every single user asking you every minute of every day how to do X on the new system? If the answer is not 110% "yes", then you had best hit the EJECT button right now.

Comment: Something of note... (Score 1) 829

by dacarr (#45765501) Attached to: Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

I work in technical support for an ISP. One of the things I must know, natch, is what OS they're using. In cases where it's XP, I will inform (or, as the case is sometimes, remind) them that Microsoft will be ending all support for their OS of choice, and that now is the time to upgrade. My one regret is that these users have waited so long, resulting in that they must now upgrade to Windows 8.1.

Well, OK, they can probably get a copy of Win 7 from Newegg or somesuch.

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