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Comment: Is this not the same as grass noise? (Score 4, Interesting) 66

I've heard reports of people laying on the ground and "hearing" meteors. What baffled scientist about this was people were hearing them realtime and not delayed due to the speed of sound. They finally realized that it was radio waves emitted by the meteors causing the grass to vibrate and they were hearing the vibrations.

Maybe I dreamed it...

Comment: This is a real problem and not an Android problem. (Score 2) 238

by (#47024087) Attached to: Apple To Face Lawsuit For iMessage Glitch

This is a very real problem. My wife had her iphone 4s stolen and activated my daughter's old iphone 4s on her verizon line. About a week later she tells me that many of her friends are saying that she isn't responding to txt messages and she says she isn't getting them. This goes on for weeks. It turns out that she didn't turn on icloud on the new (old) iphone so all of the imessages were going to never never land. It's not obvious at all what is happening.

Comment: Re:Stay away from my school please (Score 1) 101

Not true. In our elementary schools they are pretty much using browsers only with occasional word processing and presentations. The chromebooks are berfect for this. At this grade they are not doing any tech type stuff and if they do then they go to the labs. They are using the laptops for courseware not programming.

Comment: Abolish Time Zones... (Score 1) 545

by (#45325041) Attached to: A Plan To Fix Daylight Savings Time By Creating Two National Time Zones

I think it's time to abolish time zones all together. In reality most of the world works off of UTC. Displaying different offset times only confuses things. Maybe it made sense in the 1800s but not anymore with the global economy.

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