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Comment Re:quads brought noobs. (Score 1) 188

The AMA managed to reach a high enough percentage of purchasers that most were well-behaved.

There's two parts to this. One part is the amount of reckless flying that is introduced by bringing quads down in price, and the other part is the realisation that we are now living in a different world.

I can't buy little magnetic toys, I can't buy lawn darts, I can't buy a chemistry set which contain any kind of acids, I can't buy cyanide at the pharmacy, I can't even buy a decent pain killer anymore. Part of the problem is idiots, but not just idiot end users; idiots in congress who are trying to singlehandedly save every child in the world from anything that may be a slight hazard to them.

I'm not sure that even if the barriers to entry remained quite high that this wouldn't have been the ultimate course of action eventually.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 185

Honestly I'm not against telemetry. I am however against dishonesty.

The analysis that has been done shows that all sorts of things are sent to Microsoft even when expressly prevented. I.e. From Australia there was a conclusion that not only was Cortana no available in the country anyway but when disabled in Windows, expressly told to not gather data, offer suggestions, or "learn" about you, non the less everytime something was typed into the LOCAL search box encrypted packets were whisked away to the Cortana servers.

On the flip side my Android phone doesn't send information if I don't enable it. Some features don't work as well but they are very up front and clear about it. Google also provide a website that e.g. allows me to see exactly the location data that is being sent and collected, and as scary as that seems I leave it on because I happily trade some of that data in exchange for accurate traffic maps during navigation (just an example).

I think if Microsoft were more honest, open, and up-front about the telemetry then we wouldn't be discussing it nearly as much.

At least they are being upfront about their attack on the Control Panel. The only reason it is still accessible (albeit via a search or a discrete right click) is that their new Settings menu isn't complete yet.

Comment Re:Torrent (Score 1) 302

If people are electing very low IQ people to leadership positions does that mean the collective IQ of the general population is so low that they think these people are smart?

Voting is compulsory here. Otherwise none of us would vote at all. We don't elect leaders, we just go somewhere and tick the name of the person we hate the least on a sheet of paper so we avoid the $150 fine.

Except young up and coming student politicians, but they've already been through the frontal lobotomy procedure which is a pre-requisite to hold public office in Australia.

Comment Re:No LEDS (Score 0) 482

Oh my mistake, I thought the article was labled "What Single Change Would You Make To a Tech Product?" not "What Single Change Would You Make To a COMPUTER?

OR simply a method to disable these LEDS because I'm old enough to not want my computer room looking like the engine room of the enterprise

I was only offering a suggestion.
Go fuck yourself with that attitude.

I've got a bad feeling about this.