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Comment: WTF (Score 0) 527

by drpt (#41306919) Attached to: Following FEMA's Zombie Preparedness Plan Could Land You On Terrorist List
The government cannot protect you from "Terrorist Activities", any more than they can protect you from the common cold. The TSA never catches any terrorists, and they are usually caught on the flights. Homeland security has done what for me? The cameras in the U.K have proctected us from what? WTF,,, get a life and don't be scared you are going to die at some time (I was told that my day is near, without treatment) just live your life.

Comment: rule 1 Expandable (Score 0) 272

by drpt (#27293737) Attached to: Reasonable Hardware For Home VM Experimentation?
quad core, 16G ram, extra cooling, and a good power supply
running Gentoo as KVM host, 2 postfix mail servers, 2 appache web servers.

box2 same hardware gentoo host , 1 xp guest with vsnet, and MX, 1 gentoo with zend studio and test apache server, mythtv backend, and torrent box
275 watts, uptime box 1 359 days, box2 not that much

Comment: Re:impossible dream? (Score 1) 171

by drpt (#26887017) Attached to: Earth-Like Planets In Our Neighborhood
We have been sending information
the airways have been pumping out human history for years
The "Visit Earth" brochure (28 pages) includes pictures and descriptions of a Place covered by a cloud of human generated crap, and inhabited by aggressive, violent, and greedy beings, "Humans are an entertaining life form that unpredictably will slaughter each other for nothing more than an idea", and has a slogan of " Come shit in our oceans"
Seriously, would you visit your neighbors if their house and persons were covered with their own waste and they constantly attacked each other?

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