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+ - A Drone That Finds Survivors Through Their Phones->

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An anonymous reader writes "Quoting from the article: "During his semester project in Computer Science, Jonathan Cheseaux developed a system for locating a person via his or her mobile phone with a drone. This device could be used to find victims in natural disasters."
This is yet another example of the difference between a rational drone policy and what the FAA's Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft is destroying."

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Comment: Re:Disaster (Score 1) 127

People who are savvy will buy online, or from a trusted source. Only people who have no clue will but from Home Depot. If you're reading this, would you buy a MakerBot from HD? Of course not.

Most of the people who work there don't know a 2x4 from a hammer; this will just be a fucking disaster.

The lady at the MakerBot display was a 'MakerBot' person, not a HD employee.

Of course, I don't know if this will always be the case...

Comment: Re:I'd rather have it as a service (Score 1) 127

Put it in a vending machine like case and sell the printing service by time/volume maybe?
Couple it with a 3d scanner, so I can scan in some part I need copied / remade right there. But also make it possible to remotely queue jobs and then pick them up at the store later when they're finished.

That's a great idea. People could pre-order, pre-pay online with a credit card. The machine would give them an estimated pick-up time.

When it's done printing the part, it could push it onto one of those locked shelves like they have on sandwich machines.

When you stick your credit card in the machine, it would unlock your window.

Comment: Re:SciFri / Staples (Score 1) 127

I don't see home depot as servicing the target market for these products. On a story I heard this morning, it seems like people think they can go home and print gaskets or a screw...

Actually, at the Home Depot 3D printer demo they are handing out a sample nut and bolt (with finger nubs to tighten them, not hex heads.)

I'm not sure I'd use them to bolt my house together, but them seem fairly sturdy.

Comment: Re:and what would i do with it? (Score 1) 127

Hmm, My immediate thought actually is that there's a fucking huge overlap. Print your own cornicing for your house... Print your own bath plugs...

I actually wandered into the demo at the HD near me.

The rest of my shopping as I wandered through the store, every time I saw some plastic part, I was thinking, "I could print THAT, and THAT, and part of THAT..."

Comment: Re:Done, and done well already. (Score 1) 65

... I don't see anything "novel" or even better than what we have had already. Maybe if fits a niche I'm not aware of or care much about.

I think the advantage here is that this could be used be someone freestanding in a VR space.

The 3Dconnexion type devices (and I use one) is, like a mouse or keyboard, for someone with a desk surface in front of them.

Comment: Re:kind of like a small town fireworks show? (Score 2) 200

by drkim (#47391911) Attached to: The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

about 600 tons of fireworks on New Years, the weight of about 5 adult blue whales

Thanks for a new unit of measurement: adult blue whales of fireworks. Comparing fireworks to adult blue whales really helps make your number something I can relate to in my everyday life.

Good point.
Think of 600 tons as 27.3 Viking Longboats, each boat loaded with 160 Aardvarks.

+ - Is your textbook studying you?->

Submitted by drkim
drkim (1559875) writes "Shades of "Snow Crash"?

A number of schools have started using a program called CourseSmart, which uses e-book analytics to alert teachers if their students are studying the night before tests, rather than taking a long-haul approach to learning.

In addition to test scores, the CourseSmart algorithm assigns each student an “engagement index” which can determine not just if a student is studying, but also if they’re studying properly.

(BTW: We are holding a 'In Soviet Russia....' reference contest on this one, too.)"

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