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Comment: Re:Makerspace.... (Score 1) 167

by drkim (#49580833) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Should I Build a Maker Space For a Liberal Arts College?

It's been called a WORKSHOP or some close equivalent in various languages for something like 2000 years now! Why the heck do we need to make up a stupid name for it?

Because a 'workshop' or 'shop' is something you would find at a trade or tech school for future blue-collar workers.

A 'makerspace', although functionally identical (except for the Starbucks cups laying around), sounds like place you can go to make cool stuff while you are waiting for your 19th Century French poetry class to start.

Comment: Re:No mention of getting data out (Score 1) 71

by drkim (#49476835) Attached to: Chinese Hacker Group Targets Air-Gapped Networks

...even if I managed to get my malware on a machine and then somehow got the sensitive data onto some sort of external media, I still don't have anything useful.

Unless the hack on that USB stick forces the target machine to start radiating data on RF via its monitor or other peripherals.

Those radiations could then be read from an external pickup.
"Van Eck phreaking is a form of eavesdropping in which special equipment is used to pick up side-band electronic-magnetic emissions from electronics devices that correlate to hidden signals or data for the purpose of recreating these signals or data in order to spy on the electronic device. Side-band electromagnetic radiation emissions are present in, and with the proper equipment, can be captured from keyboards, computer displays, printers, and other electronic devices."


Comment: Re:How the video industry works (Score 1) 152

by drkim (#49476705) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display

...The problem with 4K is that 1080p might be considered "good enough" for most consumers and they'll refuse to pay higher prices...

I agree. I'm an empirical test case on this. I'm running a 1080 projector onto a 10' screen, straight from Blu-Ray.

I can already see the film grain (on features shot on film.)

I don't feel like spending more for a new: projector/player/disk library just so I can see the film grain sharper.

Comment: Re:4K (Score 1) 152

by drkim (#49476633) Attached to: Sharp Announces 4K Smartphone Display

and yes, I know 3840 is 2x1920, but still..

But remember that 1080x2 is 2k. But since it's twice as wide too it has to be 4k, right?

Well, sorta.
*Technically '2K' is 2048 × 1080 (native resolution) = 2,211,840 pixels (i.e. 2K)
'2K' is 1998 × 1080 (flat resolution) = 2,157,840 pixels (also 2K)

1080 x 1920 isn't really 'officially' 2K, although it equals 2,073,600 pixels.

*Per the "Digital Cinema Initiatives"

Comment: Re:Is it as good as.. (Score 1) 110

by drkim (#49476379) Attached to: First 26 Pages of Neal Stephenson's New Novel "Seveneves" Online

... fivevif and sixis?

I'm guessing he's referring to the English phrase "sixes and sevens" meaning everything is mixed up or FUBAR.

I first heard this in Gilbert And Sullivan's "HMS Pinafore":
"Fair moon, to thee I sing,
Bright regent of the heavens,
Say, why is everything
Either at sixes or at sevens?"

Probably archaic now...

Comment: Re:Elon Musk just lost my respect (Score 1) 341

by drkim (#49299311) Attached to: Musk Says Drivers May Become Obsolete, Announces Juice-Saving Upgrades

... when self-driving cars become safer than human-driven cars, the public may outlaw the latter...

This may happen incrementally...

Imagine that left 'carpool' lane of the freeway turned into a 'auto-drive' only lane. 180 speed limit. Auto-drive cars merging effortlessly into and out of the lane. People sleeping, texting, eating, watching movies as they zip by.

After a few years, only the right lane is open for 'human driven' cars. They will be stuck behind whoever the slowest driver in their lane is. Their insurance rates will be crazy high.

You won't even need to outlaw human drivers, any more than you need to outlaw people taking a horse and buggy to commute to work these days.

Comment: Re:You can have my steering wheel. . . (Score 1) 341

by drkim (#49299083) Attached to: Musk Says Drivers May Become Obsolete, Announces Juice-Saving Upgrades

...when autonomous vehicles can't decide what they should do and come to a stop, causing others to plow into them...

You realize you're describing a situation where the "plowing into" is being caused by fallible humans who were: following too close, distracted, and/or speeding.

Checkmate, puny human!

Comment: Re:Auto-drive on treacherous sections? (Score 1) 341

by drkim (#49299063) Attached to: Musk Says Drivers May Become Obsolete, Announces Juice-Saving Upgrades

...get around parts of a wrecked car, a stalled truck...

These would be an easier solve for a self-driving car than solving for a ped or bike. Neither one is moving.

...and then run a light that was on permanent red...

Once every car is self-driving, you won't need traffic lights. Every car will know where every other car is, they can pre-calculate and "riffle-shuffle" through an intersection.

After a while, people will no more be allowed to have human-drive cars, any more than they are allowed to ride horses down the freeway now.

Comment: Re:CALLING THINGS "OBSOLETE" (Score 2) 341

by drkim (#49299021) Attached to: Musk Says Drivers May Become Obsolete, Announces Juice-Saving Upgrades

Give me one example of a deer jumping out in front of an elevator. Or a multi-elevator pileup accident. An elevator hitting black ice?

Do you really think a drunk/sleepy/texting/burger eating/radio adjusting/sneezing/elderly human driver will handle these situations better than a high-speed computer that is never distracted?

And with networked, radar-equiped cars, do you really think there will still be multi-car pileup accidents?

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