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Comment: Some things (Score 1, Interesting) 110

by drewsup (#48590223) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software To Revive PocketPCs With Windows Mobile 5-6?

are best left dead, WM, WinCE are 2 of them. Set them on fire, piss on them to put them out, then have fun by throwing them 1 by 1 into a wood chipper and get a good nights sleep knowing you just did the world a solid.

the only possible use i could see for them is for a cheap satnav, assuming they even have a GPS module.

Comment: most western states (Score 1) 525

by drewsup (#48496547) Attached to: Montana Lawmakers Propose 85 Mph Speed Limit On Interstates

Had relaxed limits for years, at the most, you got pulled over for doing over 85 , this was considered wasting a natural resource,yes gasoline is a resource!
The upper western states have straight roads that go forever, unfortunately they sometimes have a 4 way stop at some point, this is where the court decision came limiting the speed to 80'ish after a few accidents at these crossroads.

Comment: Say what now?? (Score 1) 78

by drewsup (#48447403) Attached to: Study: Space Rock Impacts Not Random

I would have thought this was common sense.
  Instead of believing The Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster likes to randomly through rocks at us from up on high, we instead correlate that higher meteor activity is linked to Earths passing through debris fields from existing comet trails, the SAME trails every X amount of years.
Sounds like a story from the 1800's

Comment: Re:Wait... (Score 1) 63

by drewsup (#48151543) Attached to: MAVEN Spies Mars' Atmosphere Leaching Out Into Space

well, that and the fact that the moon is constantly "Kneading" the earths crust back and forth, causing friction heat to build up in the crust/core.
I have always wondered if we started parking asteroids near enough to Diemos and let gravity do its thing, would a moon 1/6 the mass of of Mars restart the core, thus creating a magnetic field that holds in the atmosphere.

Comment: Re:1st post (Score 1) 266

Say what you want,..
  I watched my stepfather douse a 3 acre plot when our well ran dry, not only did he map the underground routes the water took, he found the best spot to dig, and was able to determine how deep it was within 6 inches, and that well NEVER ran dry, even in the dry-est of summers, as an engineer, I still marvel at this feat.

Man will never fly. Space travel is merely a dream. All aspirin is alike.