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Comment Re:So how are they (Score 1) 109

They are doing a great job maintaining TOS "feel", Vic does a great job as Kirk, Spock is so-so, Bones is well.... a tad limp. Overall they do pretty well being crowd funded and free,(as in BEER), I have looked at the other ones including the Farragut spinoff, most of the others as not quite to par, Hell call me an old fogey, I grew up TOS and enjoy seeing what could have been.

Comment Some things (Score 1, Interesting) 110

are best left dead, WM, WinCE are 2 of them. Set them on fire, piss on them to put them out, then have fun by throwing them 1 by 1 into a wood chipper and get a good nights sleep knowing you just did the world a solid.

the only possible use i could see for them is for a cheap satnav, assuming they even have a GPS module.

Comment most western states (Score 1) 525

Had relaxed limits for years, at the most, you got pulled over for doing over 85 , this was considered wasting a natural resource,yes gasoline is a resource!
The upper western states have straight roads that go forever, unfortunately they sometimes have a 4 way stop at some point, this is where the court decision came limiting the speed to 80'ish after a few accidents at these crossroads.

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