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Comment: Nice try, but.. (Score 1) 71

by drewsup (#45417895) Attached to: Building an 'Invisibility Cloak' With Electromagnetic Fields

We have had this tech for over 40 years! Track Break Notch will do similar things by either walking a radar off you, or move your position according to what the radar can see.
The bigger problem is millimeter band radar, you need really funky waveguides to broadcast these as a normal antenna can't cope the small wave frequency.
The A6 from the Navy and the EF-111A from the USAF both could manage similar things to this, I can only hope they have managed to it smaller as the units for each section of bandwidth were the size of a small coffin, and you needed LOTS to cover the threat assessment for a given area.
Smells more like grant sniffing to me..

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