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Comment 75% of drivers are better than average (Score 1) 220

I'd rather let the car handle the freeway time. That's the most boring kind of driving there is. And since the most reasonable objection to self-driving cars is they don't handle difficult conditions as well - construction zones, city traffic, poorly-marked secondary roads - this mode lets people handle the "hard" parts and AI handle the boring, routine parts.

Comment They think they have it rough (Score 2) 169

Imagine trying to deal with this.

A two-day pumping operation has left the cable vault mostly dry, but it doesn’t look right. Cable insulation has been stripped back in areas, cords are cut, chunks of cables lie on the ground, and splice boxes have been torn open. Levendos explains to me that before crews could even begin removing water, they needed to repair ground-level fuel pumps to feed backup diesel generators on the upper floors.

Comment So the IAB decided to block someone else's ad (Score 1) 539

To make sure I understand this:

* Ads that IAB members send to my browser are expression of free speech, and by blocking them I am violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
* Real people from AB+ attending a conference are ... umm, not sure what their speech counts as ... and by blocking them from attending the IAB is ... umm ... not violating something something?

No, I guess I don't understand after all.

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