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Comment: lol (Score 0) 158

Reminds me of the data center shit that happened up in Quincy Washington, Sure, they created a few jobs, but it also made the land and homes so expensive that the locals couldn't afford to buy and live there any longer... Of course Washington got smart and killed a lot of the tax breaks MS, Yahoo, and others were enjoying at the time...

Comment: Once infected, always infected. (Score 0) 126

by drew_92123 (#47432383) Attached to: Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

There is no cure, and likely never will be.

The only thing that people who are already infected have to look forward to are better and easier treatments, bi-weekly or monthly dosing may soon be possible instead of the daily dosing now required. Maybe somebody they'll come up with a implant that provides constant meds for 5 years... but a cure? Not likely...

Comment: Re:Preventing Stingray from working (Score 1) 272

Signal strength is an unreliable measurement of how far you are from a transmitter in many circumstances, sometimes walking from one room to the next in a building cuts your signal strength in half...

Instead you might focus on the the delay between the phone and the tower to get your distance and compare that to a list of know tower locations and the phones current location using the built in gps receiver leaving a fudge factor of maybe two hundred feet.

But then you also have to take into account all the femtocells out there in poor reception areas as well as the cells they sometimes temporarily put in place for special events...

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