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Comment: Re:Nuke it from orbit... (Score 0) 111

by drew_92123 (#46735001) Attached to: Racing To Contain Ebola

Prissy little "save everybody" b!tches like you are the reason the world is overpopulated and filled with misery. Got a country of people starving to death? Nuke em... no more pain or hunger! Got a disease spreading that kills most who catch it and no cure or treatment? Nuke em... No more disease! See... it all makes perfect sense.

Comment: Re:Fuck the FAA (Score 2) 214

by drew_92123 (#46734509) Attached to: FAA Shuts Down Search-and-Rescue Drones

Somehow I don't think the local police or sheriff are going to turn down the help regardless of what the FAA says. Seems to me the potential bad press due a a fatality should he not be allowed to help would be enough to keep them away... Of course everybody seems to be going crazy these days so who knows.

Comment: What did you expect? (Score 1) 304

by drew_92123 (#38355970) Attached to: Publicly Available Russian Election Results Hint At Fraud

Of course the results are fraudulent... they just aren't as good at hiding that shit as our politicians are. Of course, over there they just shoot people for asking the wrong questions whereas over here the government pretends to give a shit and gives politicians a slap on the wrist for getting caught...


Scientists Advocate Replacing Cattle With Insects 760

Posted by samzenpus
from the beetle-stroganoff dept.
rhettb writes "Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered that insects produce significantly less greenhouse gas per kilogram of meat than cattle or pigs. Their study, published in the online journal PLoS, suggests that a move towards insect farming could result in a more sustainable — and affordable — form of meat production."

H.R. Giger Returns To the Alien Franchise 144

Posted by timothy
from the how-could-this-not-give-nightmares dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Great news for Alien franchise purists, as conceptual artist H.R. Giger has been confirmed as a contributor to the prequel that Ridley Scott is set to begin shooting in February. The originator of the 'xenomorph' design, Giger was left out of James Cameron's Aliens (1986), since Cameron only needed a new 'Alien queen' design, and had come up with that himself. This article features the Swiss TV broadcast where Giger's wife broke the news, and a full gallery of Giger's conceptual work for Alien."

Aussie Lasers To Stop Satellite Collisions, Death 84

Posted by timothy
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bennyboy64 writes "An Australian company is developing a laser tracking system that will help prevent collisions between satellites and space debris, ZDNet reports. 'The trouble is it's [debris] in orbit and travelling at orbital speeds, which means that it is travelling at about 30,000 kilometres an hour," said the CEO of the Australian company. 'If even a tiny little piece runs into a satellite it'll destroy it or punch a hole through a person if they're out there space walking.'"

Comment: Re:You did ZERO reaserch on your own... (Score 1) 159

by drew_92123 (#32684204) Attached to: Stand-Alone Antivirus Software?


In short: Google does not offer trusted individual opinions and most of the reviews and opinions on the web are highly suspect.

Neither do half the jokers posting here...

It's like the old saying, if you want it done right you gotta do it yourself. That goes for researching/trying out products too... Besides IMO it's the only way for stupid people to become more self sufficient in the long run.

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