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Comment Re:File a Complaint (Score 1) 155

FTFY: Waste your time filing a complaint.
I have been on the DNC list since it started, I keep renewing.
Now, I don't want to go off on a rant here but:
I have filed hundreds if not a thousand complaints.
What do they do with the complaints?
Apparently they tax the hell out of us and go on extravagant vacations while earning retirement fit for kings.
You will win the lottery before those waste of tax money do nothings show any interest in acting.

Submission + - Existence of cosmic neutrino background confirmed (

StartsWithABang writes: The hot Big Bang — proposed seventy years ago — is a tremendous success story. Predicated on the assumption that the Universe was hotter, denser, more uniform and expanding faster in the past, it’s allowed us to predict the rate of cosmic expansion over distance and time, the primeval abundances of the light elements, the formation and evolution of large-scale-structure, and the existence and properties of the cosmic microwave background: the leftover photon glow from the Big Bang. All these predictions have been borne out, but there’s one more prediction that has yet to be tested: the existence and properties of a cosmic neutrino background. A just detected the cosmic neutrino background definitively and in a new way, with the subsequent polarization spectra — set to be released by the Planck team — ready to confirm the greatest prediction of all: the cosmic neutrino background’s temperature!

Comment Re:A bit heavy on resources (Score 1) 134

Ran 38 Axis cameras on a 4 core pizza box for over 6 years.
Each motion detection zone was almost infinitely adjustable, multiple include/exclude/preclude zones configurable on every camera. Not just rectangular zones either, multi point polygons easily configured.
REALLY curious about what you found for under $2000 that can do that because some places I support don't have the brains to allow a Linux system in.

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