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Comment: Re:Fruit of the poison tree (Score 4, Interesting) 266

Technically, conspiracy for depredation of rights under the color of law is punishable by death. It is legally constructed as domestic treason against the social compact, rather than wartime treason against the body republic.

This shit would stop quick if some of these bastards faced the firing squad on national prime-time television.

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by He Who Has No Name (#45428561) Attached to: ATF Tests Show 3D Printed Guns Can Explode

...when pressure-bearing components are made from thermoplastics, which has never been argued to be a well-suited use. When parts are printed from metal alloys... the game changes.

And for what it's worth, there is a Canadian inventor (who is remaining anonymous) who has successfully printed and fired a single-shot rifle.

3D printing is destroying the separation between idea or data, and fabrication, and it's doing it on an affordable, individual level. Gun control from a regulatory and political standpoint has always depended on tight control over firearm's entry points to commerce (manufacturers and importers), and compliance by intimidation of everyone else. If everybody can be a manufacturer, and it doesn't require machinist skills to make something of workable quality, centralized control is impossible.

Watch - the response is going to be to try and make possessing 3D data or plans a criminal offense. Thought crime.

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by He Who Has No Name (#45107171) Attached to: Valve Shows How Steam Controller Works In Real Life

I'd actually pay good money for the left hand-half of this so I could use it like a thumbstick and have variable movement direction / speed input instead of just four discrete keys like the usual WASD config.

Being able to sneak slowly in juuuust the right direction in Deus Ex or Splinter Cell, or steer more naturally in World of Tanks would be great. I'm sick of only having the choice of four directions, and either not moving or going full speed.

You'd also get the ability to do away with dedicated walk and sprint buttons, all you'd maybe need is crouch or use the other touch pad to control height of stance.

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by He Who Has No Name (#44952725) Attached to: Boy Scouts Bully Hacker Scouts Into Submission

The BSA is the official boy's youth program for the Mormon church (as selected by the Mormons, not the BSA). Salt Lake City has a disproportionate and unhealthy influence on BSA national policy as a result.

Basically, when the Boy Scouts were on the verge of disappearing into history a few decades back, the Mormons stepped in and said "we'll give you a big shot in the arm but we get the reins". And the BSA said "sure, anything, where do I sign? Right here under where it says 'consent for transference of soul?'"

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