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Comment Wow, they picked a reassuring name (Score 2) 85

Considering the next lyrics in that song after "Karma Police" are... ..."Arrest this man".

I *totally* feel safer and more free already, and I don't even live under that regime.

Not that they couldn't just make one phone call across the pond and have whatever they want done to me in the dead of night with no trace. Yay freedom.

Comment My worry is the credibility loss of visual records (Score 4, Interesting) 61

A couple decades from now, we're going to have generations that have never known an era when it was technically or logistically difficult to convincingly revise AND distribute photos and videos.

Beyond simply telling that stuff has been tampered with or invented wholesale, I'm really worried this is going to lead to a loss of credibility and gravitas of photos and videos of historic events.

It's going to get ugly when generations start denying and rewriting history because they lost trust and belief in the credibility of the medium used to preserve its records.

Comment Roombas with a lawn mower blade (Score 1) 75

There are people who seriously can't see the Bad Idea Fairy sitting on that thing from a long ways away?

The only reason I "trust" a Roomba is because it's relatively incapable of causing damage or injury. Putting a big, sharp spinning blade on it and essentially creating a BattleBots competitor with no cage is the point at which I start shooting at the goddamn thing.

Comment There's a lot of fantasy in that last line... (Score 4, Interesting) 104

"Fed asks us for our records, we say we don't have any, fed goes away"

Normally the response is "Fed finds some way to screw with you until you cry uncle, end up in Club Fed, or both".

Federal prosecutors don't enjoy a conviction rate higher than the Spanish Inquisition because they're reasonable.

Comment Then I start becoming suspcious it was shot down (Score 2) 528

200 feet up is a LONG way for most bird loads in a shotgun, even straight up with no extra slant distance. I can't think of any goose loads that would carry enough energy to drop a metal and plastic drone at that distance. They struggle to take down a soft-skinned animal at 150 feet.

Submission The Lone Gunmen are not dead->

He Who Has No Name writes: It may have been one of Slashdot's most memorable front-page gaffes, but apparently there's no harm and no foul — because the Lone Gunmen are set to ride again in the X-Files return. reports, "The Lone Gunmen, the X-Files' trio of conspiracy theorists, are set to appear in Fox’s six-episode event. The three characters were played by Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood. Haglund, who played the gunman “Ringo,” confirmed his and his compatriots’ return on Twitter today." We'll see how see how series creator Chris Carter handles their apparently greatly-exaggerated demise, and whether the explanation used in the print comics comes into play.
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