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Comment Re:Honestly ... (Score 2) 63

what's funnier is slashdotters who work in IT, who have posted in other articles about security that the main thing is employees ability to get their job done with no inconvenience, and security that causes inconvenience or makes it harder to do job is bad. They make fun of "security nuts" like the OpenBSD and related projects teams, and those that seek to tighten up Linux distros' security, for example.

No you fucking twats, you're part of the problem. Security is painful, good security is more painful. Security is the number one issue IT faces.

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 729

oh you haven't heard about the systemd Transfunctional Desktop (STD) ? Your existing apps merely need some changes now to use the mandatory STD API or they won't run, and once modified can't run anywhere else like lesser OS or lesser distros (defined as territory not having any Poettering piss on it)

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