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Comment: Re:Doesn't this violate TOS? (Score 1) 184

by dragon-file (#47298195) Attached to: EFF To Unveil Open Wireless Router For Open Wireless Movement
we were using ATT DSL at our old house... They had a soft cap of 50GB a month which I would constantly go over. Every GB past that number they would charge $10. We were paying $50 for this service and quite often I would run up the bill to $180+. In that scenario I wouldn't open my WiFi even if I could impose a user bandwidth cap. Maybe if I was somehow able to paywall it.

Comment: Re:give them what they want. (Score 1) 100

Whatever they want, give it to them, because if your personal information is among their ransom then its all over. It doesnt matter what your toppings were, or when you ordered, or even why. Europe, and all the world, will know you to have intentionally and willfully placed an order for the worst american export since George Bush. Rumours will spread about your love for country music and before you know it, your allegance to nascar, cold budweiser, and jean shorts will be all but fact in the minds of your brethren.

Meh. I can live with that....

Comment: Re:Sad ... (Score 1) 100

You're not far from where potatoes were invented. I bet you still eat freedom fries. Sometimes I feel like having regular Italian pizza, and sometimes I want some Domino’s. Besides, European food is (undeservedly) notorious for sucking, except in the south of Europe. Where do you think Americans got their food culture from?

Can't say I've ever had freedom fries... are they similar to french fries or is that just the PC way of saying it? Honestly, they were french fries for years, if you're offended by the name, deal with it... we shouldn't change names because they offend a few people.

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