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That is an interesting idea. Split up the district's vote by however many people are in the district, and whatever parts aren't used directly by the people, gets used by the representatives vote. Or that could be displayed to the representative before they themselves vote to inform them of what the constituents want.

Then when it rolls around to re-election, you can see how often they voted against their constituents wishes in favor of the lobbyist.

Comment: Big data found her? (Score 5, Informative) 248

by dougisfunny (#46909663) Attached to: Opting Out of Big Data Snooping: Harder Than It Looks

It doesn't say big data still found her anywhere in the article. She made no mention of evidence that they had, despite the Uncle sending a congratulations message on Facebook.

Was there more to story than just the article on Time where she said her measures weren't able to keep the information private?

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by dougisfunny (#46434397) Attached to: How Tutankhamun's DNA Became a Battleground

Jaffa were genetically altered humans made to have pouches to incubate baby Goa'uld. Straight up humans are required to actually 'host' a Goa'uld, and human babies born to Goa'uld hosts share some of the genetic memory of the Goa'uld parents if the implication was that Mitt Romney was evil due to sharing the Goa'uld DNA, then no it wouldn't be Jaffa.

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