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by dougisfunny (#46434397) Attached to: How Tutankhamun's DNA Became a Battleground

Jaffa were genetically altered humans made to have pouches to incubate baby Goa'uld. Straight up humans are required to actually 'host' a Goa'uld, and human babies born to Goa'uld hosts share some of the genetic memory of the Goa'uld parents if the implication was that Mitt Romney was evil due to sharing the Goa'uld DNA, then no it wouldn't be Jaffa.

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by dougisfunny (#46350329) Attached to: Blizzard To Sell Level 90 <em>WoW</em> Characters For $60

There really isn't a difference based on race, any given zone is the pretty much same for a Charr as it is for an Asura etc. Also of note, after level 30 things converge, and all 5 of your characters would be going through one of three options for Vigil, Whispers or Priory. And then after that, those funnel into the Pact.
That said, completing, even if not in their entirety the starter zones for other races is a good/easy way to level, as the XP scales with you, and it's a good way to get skill points while starting.
But for the record, doing multiple characters like that isn't always the best way to get a feel for a character, as a number of them you don't even really get a feel for until after level 40 when you unlock the second tier of traits. I found doing one at a time works better for me, then when you do go back to the newb zones, it will have been long enough ago that repeating it isn't as bad either.

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by dougisfunny (#46038289) Attached to: Marc Andreessen On Why Bitcoin Matters (And A Critique)

Yes, infinity is always shrinking, but luckily there is still plenty of infinity left. You just keep dividing the remaining bit coin values, which now have more value themselves, and whatever of those that get lost in the future are smaller than the 1 you lost earlier. That's the beauty of infinity.

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Actually, there is unintentional first degree murder. Bob and Joe decide to hold up a bank but no one gets hurt. Bob, unbeknownst to Joe, is actually planning on using the gun he brought to kill the bank manager because he is dating Bob's ex. Joe knew about the gun, was part of the bank robbery, and being part of the plot to rob the bank is now culpable for the murder.

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