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Comment: Re:Answer needed (Score 5, Insightful) 390

by doug (#47482217) Attached to: Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa
Sure. The content streaming from Netflix has been requested by Verizion customers. They've paid for access to the internet, which includes Netflix. They are the ones being throttled. Basically Verizon is trying to double dip here - get money from regular customers plus shaking down more from content providers. If Verizon really cannot handle the flood of Netflix content, shouldn't they raise the cost to the consumers to build out the Verizon network?

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by doug (#42458801) Attached to: HP Cuts Workforce By 5%, Looks To Probe GM Hires
Bah. I have no sympathy for HP. I've never worked at HP, but I've been at plenty of places where most/all of the corporate history was lost. It is unpleasant, but you get over it. If this is an especially critical position, then HP should have used golden handcuffs to keep a few key people in place. If your employer treats you well, you usually stay put. If you are worried that you're going to get the axe, you jump ship. This is a basic truth, and if HP's management spent more time focused on its employees and less on the shareholders they would know this. Management should keep employees from having a conflict of interest. Yes, it might cost more in the short run, but it avoids situations like this. Too many people in management focus exclusively on the business side of things, and forget that people are involved. Unfortunately this is not unikque to HP.

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by doug (#37781012) Attached to: Ron Paul Suggests Axing 5 U.S. Federal Departments (and Budgets)

I do like the idea of doing more stuff at the State level, and a century ago much of that would have been done at the State level. So I'm all for moving in that direction.

But this discussion is about financing, and isn't this proposal just shifting the burden of paying for them from one layer of Government to another? That isn't really a savings, which is most likely Ron Paul's objective. Since most States already have balanced budget requirements, that would be good for the long term. But don't just dump it in the lap of the States as part of some knee-jerk reaction. A budgetary shell game is not in the best interests of the Nation, and since most States are broke right now, robbing Peter to pay Paul ain't going to work.

- doug

BTW: I'm just focusing on the funding issue. I know that this is actually more complicated than just funding.

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by doug (#37331624) Attached to: Marx May Have Had a Point

No its not. People stumble on to the right thing all the time without knowing why its right. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is so common that it even has its own expression. So it is possible for a solid analysis to lead to a poor solution, and it is possible to stumble onto a correct solution with a bad analysis of the problem. They are unrelated.

In this case Marx identified some problems associated with Capitalism and proposed a possible solution. Other people have shot down various parts of his proposal. So the credit that Marx is due is not "finding the correct solution", but for identifying a problem, and starting the discussion on how to fix it. Since we're still talking about him well over a century later, it seems that some of his ideas have resonated with a large number of people. That alone is pretty impressive.

- doug

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