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+ - eSports one step closer to Olympic inclusion->

Submitted by dotarray
dotarray (1747900) writes "Video games have been accepted as a second-level Olympic sport, putting eSports into the same category as engagements such as Chess, Automobile Racing, Polo and Cheerleading. The push came from — where else? — the Korean eSport Association (KeSPA), and could see eSports included in the international competition some time in the future."
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+ - Aussie government warns against Steam malware->

Submitted by dotarray
dotarray (1747900) writes "The Australian government has issued a warning to all Steam users, following the outbreak of online malware using the social side of the gaming platform to send malicious messages to users. We're used to seeing this sort of behaviour on other social networks, but this is the first time it's caused such a stir on Valve's digital platform"
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+ - Hate-crime game Hatred now on Steam Greenlight->

Submitted by dotarray
dotarray (1747900) writes "On a day where Australia's largest city is caught up in a politically-driven hostage crisis (, a game described as a hate crime is now open for voting on Steam Greenlight. The team at Destructive Creations has also released a short teaser trailer for Hatred — and if you were hoping for something other than mindless slaughter, you'll be sorely disappointed."
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