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Submission + - Microsoft backflips, announces Xbox One backward compatibility->

dotarray writes: Mike Ybarra is head of Platform Engineering at Xbox, and today he told the gaming world all about one of Microsoft's best-kept secrets — after more than a year of saying it couldn't be done, the Xbox One really is backwards compatible, so you can play all your Xbox 360 games on your next-gen console.
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Submission + - The Sims 4 pixellates pirate copies->

UgLyPuNk writes: The Sims franchise has always been a favourite among software pirates, so it's no surprise that Maxis has tucked a little something special into The Sims 4. Rather than simply locking pirates out of the game, or implementing digital rights management that causes more problems than it fixes, the studio's opted for a more creative approach.

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Submission + - Uncut Left 4 Dead 2 classified as R18+ in Australia->

dotarray writes: The uncut version of Left 4 Dead 2 has just been re-classified by the Australian Classifications Board, and granted an R18+ rating. Yes, that's the original version of the game that caused so much drama when it was initially submitted nearly 5 years ago and played such a big part in the push for Australia's adults-only rating.
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Submission + - Valve sued by Australian consumer rights group (ACCC)->

dotarray writes: Valve is being sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) over allegedly making "false or misleading representations" when it comes to consumer guarantees. Turns out that even though Valve does not have a physical presence Down Under, the studio's still bound by local consumer law.
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Submission + - Is this a Robin Williams tribute in World of Warcraft?->

dotarray writes: A non-playable character known as Robin the Entertainer has popped up in the latest beta build of Warlords of Draenor. While the studio is yet to make any formal announcements, it's believed this could be (part of) Blizzard's tribute to comedian and avid gamer, Robin Williams.
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Submission + - Sexist Tomb Raider question included in college coding exam->

UgLyPuNk writes: Australian game development students were surprised this morning when a programming exam included a question seemingly unrelated to their course material. Expecting to answer questions on maths, HTML and coding, students were instead faced with an ethical question about women in gaming.
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Submission + - Pirated Watch_Dogs reportedly contains Bitcoin miner->

dotarray writes: A torrent file claiming to be an early version of Watch_Dogs has leaked onto the internet days before the game's release, but it seems that gamers grabbing the file are getting more than they bargained for. A Bitcoin miner has been tucked into the archive, meaning that someone's potentially making big bucks off impatient pirates.
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Submission + - First look at Insomniac Games Sunset Overdrive->

UgLyPuNk writes: Sunset Overdrive debuted at E3 2013 in a blaze of eye-searing neon, with an all-too-short teaser trailer that left everybody wanting more, desperate to find out what that was all about. Now, nearly 12 months later, it's time for Insomniac Games to take the wraps off... and time for us to put our sunglasses on. The super-bright colours and cartoon graphics have not been toned down. Sunset City is the messy, sprawling love child of Times Square and Harajuku, flat surfaces covered with advertising, streets crawling with mutants.
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Submission + - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel revealed->

UgLyPuNk writes: Gearbox is sharing the Borderlands love, with the news that the studio is working with 2K Australia on the brand new, standalone Borderands: The Pre-Sequel. The new game is designed to fit neatly in the timeframe between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and is set for release in the second half of 2014.
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