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Comment: Re:Huh? They had full control of the hardware. (Score 1) 46 46

Health data. Nice.

I'm not terribly concerned about people knowing how many steps I've taken today or what my average heart rate is. Saying "health data" in this context is like saying "financial data" when referring to the knowledge of what some 10 year old receives as an allowance each week.

Comment: Re:First Post (Score 1) 111 111

Interesting choice to include Dubstep and Techno.

As a classically trained musician, I have found that electronic music across all sub-genres includes some of the most complex and intricate use of tonality I've ever heard. I can't speak for rap, personally, but isn't it silly to write off entire genres because of the limited scope you've been exposed to?

Comment: Re:Waitasecondhere... (Score 1) 403 403

Some people like to browse a site long before summoning the nerve to actually make an account and post. Or, perhaps, is it possible that I forgot the password I had used for my 4 digit UID account?

What's funny is that my previous comment talked about the silliness of taking something on the internet at face value, with no thought or concern about extenuating circumstances that may explain why something appears the way it does.

Oh well, off topic rant over.

Comment: Re:Waitasecondhere... (Score 5, Informative) 403 403

Just to make a note: That article currently has a "last modified" date of April 29th. For comparison, I've linked to the April 9th snapshot of the same article.


No mention of tattoos anywhere, to my knowledge. Granted, this is being fairly pedantic, but it surprises me that posters on slashdot would look at a page on the web in its current form and make statements that seem to imply that page has always existed in that same form.

Comment: Re:All about the contract. (Score 1) 157 157

But they have done something to earn it. They provide artists with a lot of up-front capital, and in exchange, indenture them into a life of servitude.

I'm not at all saying that it is ethical, but it certainly has been proven to be a good business model. You may not like what the record industries do (who does?), but to say that they haven't done anything to earn the money is kind of naive. They function very similarly to a bank. If you don't like how they operate, go elsewhere. But the matter of fact is that a large number of artists continue to flock to these labels because of the perceived stability and name recognition.

Comment: This Again (Score 4, Insightful) 556 556

It really is tiring to see such incendiary articles posted to slashdot. I mean, whether religious or non, is anyone here hoping to have an intelligent or civil debate on the subject? Aren't you just allowing the editors to prove how well they are doing to their Dice overlords by pointing to a piece such as this and saying "look, 600 comments! think of all the ad-revenue this article must have generated!"

If you want to be religious and non-scientific, do that. Likewise, if you choose to be scientific and non-religious, do that as well. One can also be both or neither, and those are both valid options for how one should live his life, too. However, it serves no purpose but to further degrade the quality of this site when we engage in such a meaningless flame-war, especially when it is generated by such blatant pandering.

Comment: Re:Yawn ... (Score 4, Insightful) 167 167

Once again, missing the point. In my (small) shop, by using azure (which has worked well for us), we avoid having to use money to hire admins to maintain any sort of in house servers we might have. We can then put that money towards more developers (or better salaries for us current devs), as well as paying for training, nicer dev machines, etc. At the same time, if we do have a problem with any sort of hosted service through azure, support is literally a phone call away, and I can't remember the last time a resolution didn't happen within a couple hours.

Sure, cloud computing has its short-comings. But it has also allowed a litany of small companies who simply can't afford to own their own infrastructure to do business.

Comment: Re:Brilliant! (Score 4, Insightful) 150 150

I'm fairly certain that in the layman's mind, that same "durability and communication" that the brand name Nokia implies conjures images of the old Nokia brick phones. While those certainly were durable and useful, they are also very archaic. Nokia might represent good, durable technology, but that is meaningless when the general public perceives it as "old". In an age where 2 years between new phones begins to sound like an eternity, a phone manufacturer would probably do well not to let the public still think of its main product as a monochrome, extremely basic cellphone from the early 2000s.

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