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Comment: The lack of debate (Score 1) 14

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49356703) Attached to: Does #OccupyResoluteDesk Read Slashdot?

Was astounding. Especially since I heard at least three better plans- community sponsored healthcare (in which LOCAL taxes fund LOCAL facilities with LOCAL doctors, managed like schools used to be with a local hospital board), subscription based healthcare (in which the rich pay more to fund clinics for the poor, but everybody pays what healthcare really costs, not job based but rather what it costs to have doctors on duty in clinics and hospitals, whether you are sick or not), and finally, free market health care (with no middle man, but again, no assurance of care).

Of course, all three of these cut out the insurance middle man cash cow- who was Obama's cronies as well as the cronies of certain key Republicrats. Can't hurt the cronies, so once again any form of subsidiarity goes on the back burner in favor of federal control.

Comment: Re:The private email serve is a problem. (Score 1) 26

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49300485) Attached to: Workin' real hard, wishing I could be surprised

It's an issue for me only because it is a larger sign of political rot in the Democratic Party. But then again, I'm from Oregon, where it has just been revealed that multi millionaires being investigated for influence peddling have been granted *public defenders*, because apparently, despite over $200,000 in income in 2014 alone that failed to be reported to the IRS, they can't afford lawyers.

Comment: Re:Alternate Title of this JE... (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49294865) Attached to: Thoughts for the Day...

Most of the ammo is for Deer / Boar hunting. There's no limit and no season for Boar here in Texas -- there's too many. Hunters can remove about 21% of them a year, and as fast as they reproduce (and with no real natural predators, Coyote's aren't big enough to get very many of them) the State has a huge problem with Feral Hogs.

Which if you've never had, you should. Best pork you'll ever eat. Venison is very good as well.

Comment: Re:Alternate Title of this JE... (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49294523) Attached to: Thoughts for the Day...
I'm not much of a Republican these days. When Boehner and McConnell give Obama everything he wants through CR / Omnibus Spending, there's no difference between those two jackasses and Reid and Pelosi.

Now, the GOP will have a dog and pony show in which Jeb Bush will win, and our choices will be (as I said) Hillary Clinton or Less Masculine Hillary Clinton (Jeb) at which point I'll vote third party. Constitution Party being the most likely.

Otherwise, I'll continue to stockpile ammo, food, water, and wait for the world to burn.

"I may kid around about drugs, but really, I take them seriously." - Doctor Graper