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Comment: Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 858

by doh123 (#27408611) Attached to: Mac Tax, Dell Tax, HP Tax
of course Apple wont touch your needs, they don't even attempt to. Taking something that isn't even designed for your needs, and complaining it doesn't fit right in some way.. is kind of asinine... in other words.. taking a laptop not designed for what your wanting, then complaining it costs too much, is not Apples fault.

Comment: Re:My kingdom for Rogue Squadron! (Score 1) 152

by doh123 (#27133573) Attached to: DirectX 10 Coming To Linux and Mac
yeah... you can actually get that game running but its not really worth it... from someone else i talked to that got it working, and the report of someone getting it working on Wines app database... they couldn't get joysticks working which would make it a real pain to dogfight with a keyboard and mouse...

Comment: Re:Holy overpriced, batman (Score 1) 519

by doh123 (#27054233) Attached to: Apple Store Reopens With Many New Products
I'm thinking i could steal one for free... but doesn't mean its gonna happen. I'd like you to show proof you could build a system just as good for a third of the cost.... everyone else who has tried failed.. mainly by using standard Core i7 processors instead of the Xeon versions, which are better, not just a rebranding, and can cost 4X-5X as much.

Comment: Re:Prices are completely nuts (Score 2, Interesting) 519

by doh123 (#27054035) Attached to: Apple Store Reopens With Many New Products
well other than the fact your using different parts altogether... a single Xeon processor thats in the Mac Pro costs $1000 from intel, not $288... their custom motherboard design and lower sells amount would also make the motherboard way more costly than mast produced ASUS stuff.... as well as many other things. You can rate an entire computer based on a small handful of specs when there are literally hundreds of specs to consider for a full machine.

Comment: Re:The Simple Option (Score 1) 1032

by doh123 (#26847213) Attached to: How To Keep Rats From Eating My Cables?
there are expensive glue traps that actually drug the glue, so it knocks out the victim, so they aren't awake to suffer.. and slowly kills them over time faster than normal starvation by not getting enough oxygen. They are expensive so most people don't use them, or they use the cheap knock off ones that claim to do it and barely work.

Comment: Re:Finally! (Score 2, Informative) 369

by doh123 (#22795316) Attached to: An Early Look at 3.0
ummm... Have you used the test versions? they need to do a lot.. NeoOffice has taken the OOO code base and made a better product... already supporting some things that OOO cant do until 3 is out. Unless OOO does something majorly different soon, I'll be happy to stay with NeoOffice, as its fast, stable, and well supported. And remeber to always up the memory usage by OOO and NeoOffice as well, unless your on a really old peice of junk computer, as it'll run much faster... even on OSX.

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