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Comment Re:Things are looking up (Score 1) 132

In 1940, there was no entertainment as you imagine.

So radio, films, plays, books, and concerts didn't exist?

Professional music performances were rare to non-existent outside a dozen world class cities.


There was no Radio,


no TV,

LOLwhut? (Mmmmmmmmmm Godwin mmmmmmmmmm...)

On a personal note, my grandfather proposed to my grandmother during intermission at the movies about a year before the Berlin Olympiad, in 1935. And they lived in a little coal-mining town in Kentucky you probably never heard of, that had a population of about 3000 people. Definitely not a "world-class city".

few dance opportunities,


books were expensive and rare, etc.

Poppycock, etc.

I have difficulty believing anyone could be so completely ignorant of history. But apparently you are.

Comment Re:converter (Score 2) 70

I can buy a wired headset that plugs into just about any device that's been manufactured in the last 40 years for about 1/20 the price of a wireless one. SO it seems to me your message is actually more like, "You should spend heaps more money to accomplish the same task, because... um... because I said so, dammit!"

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 209

So, you're saying France - the one with a Socialist president - is going to become a dictatorship? WTF is wrong with you people, everything since 9/11 means dictatorship. We're still not there, you'd figure at least ONE Western nation would have fallen by now. But apparently we're still having elections and whatnot. So, when are we going fascist? Tell me because I want to try those snappy uniforms and get in on the cronyism.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 1) 287

I hope you can recognize the role you just played. Defending the powerful! Are you familiar with the phrase, "comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable"? Why the F are you carrying water for the President of the fucking USA? The world's largest oppressor! I really don't get need to be on the side of the people, not the government. Were you were lied to and used to further someone else's agenda? Or at worst you deliberately set out to deceive in order to further your agenda...and how can your agenda be to assist those already in power? None of this makes any sense.

Comment Re:Apple CEO: Little understanding of marketing (Score 1) 218

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Announces things before they are ready.

Slashdot reader Futurepower(R): doesn't actually read articles or even article summaries enough to understand that Tim Cook and/or Apple didn't announce anything here. It was speculation by some douchebag "analyst."

There are plenty of good reasons to criticize Apple. Making shit up is not one of them. Please don't give fuel to flamewars by just posting anti-Apple shit without actually even reading either the article or the goddamn summary.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.