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+ - Good Samaritan Backfire or How I Ended Up in Solitary After Calling 911 for Help->

Submitted by dmitrygr
dmitrygr (736758) writes "As a result of my efforts to help injured bicyclists by calling 911, I was, in short order: separated from my friend, violently tackled, arrested, taken to county jail, stripped and left in a solitary cell. I am writing this story because, if it could happen to me, it could happen to you, and I feel the need to do something to help prevent this brutality from propagating."
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Comment: Re:The NY Times overlooks the fundementals (Score 5, Insightful) 67

Am I really the only one who permanently blacklists any website that has "video" news? Video requires 100% of my attention, and probably headphones, to avoid distracting all those around me. It also occurs at your speed. I can read faster than you can talk, and it does not distract anyone around me.
If i want to *SEE* what happened i'll go to youtube
On a news site I want to *READ* about it!

Comment: Re:So it's basically a GBA-era ARM chip without th (Score 1) 78

by dmitrygr (#44115149) Attached to: Rise of the ARM Clones
This. It will hurt. A lot. This means that 64x64 -> 64 multiply (what gcc will do if you multiply two uint64_t values) will now need 10 multiplies, at least 20 shifts (16 to cut off tops 16 bits of intermediates, 5 for result alignment), and 9 additions, instead of just 2 long multiplies and one long multiply accumulate. Ouch...

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