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Comment: The Lego Series (Score 1) 550

by dlamming (#42639445) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Get My Spouse To Start Gaming With Me?

Made for Wi and PS and Xbox, although I mainly have played on Wii.

Very good for cooperative gaming (up to 4 simulataneously), you can die an infinite number of times and all it does is lower your score (you res in-place). Versions based on popular movie series (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc) are available for relatively cheap (if you wait until a year has passed). Great fun with my non-gamer wife!

Comment: You can set your default create type to .doc... (Score 1) 199

by dlamming (#41471225) Attached to: Google Docs Ditching Old Microsoft Export Formats On Oct. 1

At my workplace, the default office install on all new machines deliberately sets the default Office Save types to .doc, .xls, and .ppt because people want that compatibility when exchanging files with colleagues and coworkers around the globe. So it's not just people who haven't upgraded that want to save and create files in .doc

If this applies to Google Drive as well, I am so out of there.


+ - SPAM: Starbucks Drops T-Mobile for AT&T 1

Submitted by
stoolpigeon writes "Ars reports that Starbucks is replacing T-Mobile with AT&T as their wi-fi provider. AT&T broadband customers will be able to access the service for free. Starbucks card users will get 2 hours a day free. 2 hour, daily and monthly rates will be lower than they were with T-Mobile. Starbucks says that their previously announced deal to tie in with iTunes will continue under AT&T."
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