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Comment Re:Reality on the ground.... (Score 1) 39 39

If you read slashdot often you probably see the 'negative bias' towards china.

I'd say 99% of those posting here have never been and are just quoting something they heard. Further, of those who do post, i'd even venture to say a lot of them dont even own a passport.

Posted by a fellow Canadian who happens to own property in China.

Comment Re:black markets (Score 1) 284 284

+1 for this (no mod points, plus i already posted on this as well).

Several years ago bootleg cigarettes were a huge issue here (Ontario). Since most of the price of them is taxes the government was actually forced to lower the taxes to compete and try to end the black market.

This "10 years in jail" sure sounds like a "cobra effect" waiting to happen:

Who will pay to house the inmates? Since this law benefits a specific industry, they should fund it. Why should my tax dollars go to imprison someone for downloading music?

Comment Re: Well, then I guess (Score 1) 284 284

No, in the US you pay taxes on "property" as the OP stated (not just realestate)

Case in point, property tax on vehicles:
"Motor Vehicles are subject to a local property tax under Connecticut state law. This applies whether or not the vehicle is registered. The local property tax is computed and issued by your local tax collector."

So, if IP is property, why cant we tax it like other forms of property?

Comment Re:Double Irish (Score 1) 825 825

Not exactly true, most countries have a "tax on foreign income" requirement.

Here (Canada) we have this:

The question becomes how much of the "income" was earned in the US vs what is "foreign" and earned by the foreign entity?

Isn't apple known for paying large royalties to its "IP Owner" which is a small two man operation in Ireland? In which case Apple USA never makes any money because Apple Ireland has a large royalty fee.

If you want to "fix" this, tax corporate income the same way you tax individuals income.

Comment Re:How are we any different? (Score 1) 206 206

Well said.

Look at the history of the US interstate system and see why it was built out..
Back when it suited the US they spent money on infrastructure (creates jobs, ease of troop movement, etc).

Much of this is now crumbling while billions are spent on newer "bombs" which serve little purpose.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 2) 196 196

Thankfully Canada introduced UBB (Usage Based Billing) to prevent stuff like this from taking off here.

How long until everyone else adopts UBB to thwart the offerings from competitors?
(Yes, i know there are companies offering unlimited access and i have my service with one of them).

Looks like even "Rogers" (early UBB adopter) has started offering "unlimited" plans as an add-on.
Odd, they said they needed to charge for usage as a small number of customers were "hogging" all the bandwidth. Guess they "solved" that and now if you pay $25 you no longer "hog" the available bandwidth?

Comment Re:Chinese that speak English (Score 1) 578 578

I was referring to the "four tones" of mandarin.

"When learning new vocabulary you must practice both the pronunciation of the word and its tone. The wrong tones can change the meaning of your sentences."

They discuss the issue using the classic "ma" example as well.

Comment Re: Cat and mouse... (Score 1) 437 437

Funny you mention that as i wasn't commenting on why they were different.

If you look here the Canadian Senate released a report to "explain" the price gap.

The problem is the report fails to point the finger at what is probably the single greatest reason for the price gap (the government).

Buy a pair of kids socks in most US states and you will find they are tax exempt.
Not so here, the government wants its 13% tax on that purchase (Ontario, we have HST)

Buy a winter coat in most states and only pay taxes on the "non-exempt" portion (assuming your coat is over the non-exempt amount).
Buy a winter coat in Canada, and it is 100% taxable, clearly they have no issues taxing "required" things as well.

Heck, they even tax food here (there is a very small list of "exempt" items, but only what they determine is "essential").

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