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Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

is it?


Minecraft for Windows
Download and run Minecraft.msi. This will install Minecraft and create a shortcut in your start menu. If you'd like a version without an installer, you may use Minecraft.exe instead. You do not need Java installed to run either of these.

Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 1) 224


why don't you take a look at the pics of hitchbot and count the litter around it.
Clearly "civil minded people" such as yourself didnt seem to mind the existing litter in the area.

Also, in case you didndt read the article, it wasnt disposed of, it was vandalized and left to create a "distraction and an eyesore".

Sunday your day off, where instead of doing "civil minded things" like cleaning up litter you come here to post rude comments?

Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 1) 224

Perhaps you can show us some examples of your recent "social experiments". Just share some links showing your project had news coverage like hitchbot had.

Oh, i see.. you are more about criticizing others even though you have nothing of real value, further, you willingly admit you are of sufficiently low intelligence you would damage someone else' work?

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

"This seems to get overlooked by OS ideologues, incumbency carries the most weight."

Does it?

First i am not arguing about ideologues. I have stated many times i don't believe there is a "perfect" OS. One of the issues with Windows is actually its popularity. If i am going to write a virus/malware/browser hijack or whatever I would target what everyone uses.

To your point about the usability of Mint, it is somewhat odd and not consistent with my own experiences.

Small example:

We live in Ontario and the kids are required to take French class.
I recently rebuilt the middle kids computer to upgrade to the newer Ubuntu and move her to a spare SSD drive I had kicking around to hold her over until I buy her a new computer.

So, as she's working on her French assignment for summer school she notices it is not doing any grammar/spell checking.

She googles "libreoffice French dictionary" , downloads it and installs it and moves on.
Had she used MS Office, she would have had the same issue (missing dictionary) and installed it in a similar way.

I don't prevent them from using windows. As i said earlier, when one of them had powerpoint issues i offered to convert her back but she found an alternative instead (borrowing her moms computer).

They can open their MS Office work from school on LibreOffice, edit it and save it back and for the most part it works fairly well (powerpoint being the big exception where some of the formatting gets all weird).

I will leave windows on their new computers and give it half the drive (500GB) so it is fully usable and let them decide which to run.

No one in my house are "coders" either (Obviously I am in IT but not a dev) but as someone else said their career choice is up to them and they have made their choices which are solid jobs with good future potential.

My two desktops at work both run windows and i have used Windows for my entire career. Having my kids use Linux at home doesn't harm their ability to use windows, but it does give them another prospective on how to solve issues.

I try to encourage them to think "outside the box" and not just go with the flow.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

Did you read the part where I said I am not an anti-windows guy?

I use it every day at work, the kids use it at school. One computer can dual boot into windows (olders kid plays Minecraft once in a while).

I'm going to buy two new computers before school starts and they will come with Windows. I intend to dual boot them as well so they can choose what to run. Suspect they will run Linux more then windows.

So, you tell me how you fix a system which will no longer run any setup programs?
Either there was an infection, or it did that by design or a bug... Which is it?

Perhaps you misread, but I never said either Linux or windoes are superior did I?

Interesting how you critize "circular logic" yet can't see the flaws in your own logic. Here is a hint....nthere is no superior OS.n they all have pros and cons and a different design philosophy.

I never found the problem. After spending hours trying to fix it I gave up and put ubunto on it.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

Lets see... the "last draw" for windows in my house:
The computers are all HP's and came with windows 7 CAL's. Imagine my surprise when one started stating the license expired, and it was not able to run any setup.exe's to fix it (obviously some sort of infection). Odd how the other two identical computers bought at the same time didn't have this "license" issue. More unusual is the problem PC belongs to a 14 year old girl so i am not sure what she did to put it in this condition.

The kids have never had admin access, so it is odd that they have so many issues, especially "system" related stuff (not profile problems).

I havent had to deal with any sort of "browser hijack" nonsense in years now which is also a big time saver for me.

Windows (7 at least) seems to want to install some sort of security update almost every day and needs to restart for it to take effect. Somewhat annoying.

I'm not an anti-windows guy, but just got sick of them always telling me their computer needs me to fix something. I don't seem to have this issue with Linux and they are able to do whatever they need to do.

As I said, YMMV and if you are happy with windows, then you should continue to use it.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 3, Informative) 492

Excessive fragmentation is one of the unfortunate issues with Linux.
The odd thing is if they collapsed some of the projects and spent that dev time on a handful of distro's they could really improve things. Instead you have a bunch of very talented people spinning yet another 'fork'.

Flip side, I am a big LINUX fan (but not a zealot, Windows has its place).

I converted all three of my kids over from windows several years ago due to having to fix their issues too often (browser hijacks, etc).
They were given a choice between Mint and Ubuntu (two went with Ubuntu, the third Mint). At first they were hesitant but after all the time spent dealing with windows issues (including the almost-daily updates needing a restart) they gave in.

One time our youngest had formatting issues with a powerpoint in libreoffice so the option came up to move back to windows and she refused.
The only windows PC left in the house is my wife's and she refuses to move over she's not into technology and needs the chinese IME which she knows how to work under windows.

It is far easier to drop in a Linux DVD and restart after like 15 mins with a working system (including office package) then installing windows, the drivers, the apps (probably spending the better part of an afternoon on the install).

YMMV (Your mileage may vary) but i have had pretty good luck with the 5 Linux machines (two ubuntu, 3 mint) in my house.

Comment Re:Reality on the ground.... (Score 1) 39

If you read slashdot often you probably see the 'negative bias' towards china.

I'd say 99% of those posting here have never been and are just quoting something they heard. Further, of those who do post, i'd even venture to say a lot of them dont even own a passport.

Posted by a fellow Canadian who happens to own property in China.

"Gort, klaatu nikto barada." -- The Day the Earth Stood Still