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Comment Re: (intentionally blank) (Score 1) 268

+1 to you.

I had one ink jet printer (it was a gift).. Once the initial "sample" in packs ran out the full fledged replacements cost around the same as the printer did.

I opted to replace it with a colour laser... Much smarter choice.. no more ink drying out before i use it and a much lower operating cost.
If you have an inkjet, seriously consider tossing it and getting a colour laser, they are reasonably priced and work well and dont have all this "technology" around protecting the ink market with lockout chips in the ink and all that fun stuff.

Comment Re:"Infringing"? (Score 1) 215

Funny, as another foreign national living in the US my US drivers license was not nearly as painful (i think it took a few days) but agree with you 100% on the stacks of paper.

The DMV needed proof of legal status in the US... Did they check their database or have me bring in my passport, with all the US attachments which DHS stapled in?

I also filed my taxes online, but my W2 came in paper form via snail-mail... I then retyped the info into the tax software manually and filed electronically.

Paperless... not so much.

Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 1) 224


why don't you take a look at the pics of hitchbot and count the litter around it.
Clearly "civil minded people" such as yourself didnt seem to mind the existing litter in the area.

Also, in case you didndt read the article, it wasnt disposed of, it was vandalized and left to create a "distraction and an eyesore".

Sunday your day off, where instead of doing "civil minded things" like cleaning up litter you come here to post rude comments?

Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 1) 224

Perhaps you can show us some examples of your recent "social experiments". Just share some links showing your project had news coverage like hitchbot had.

Oh, i see.. you are more about criticizing others even though you have nothing of real value, further, you willingly admit you are of sufficiently low intelligence you would damage someone else' work?

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

"This seems to get overlooked by OS ideologues, incumbency carries the most weight."

Does it?

First i am not arguing about ideologues. I have stated many times i don't believe there is a "perfect" OS. One of the issues with Windows is actually its popularity. If i am going to write a virus/malware/browser hijack or whatever I would target what everyone uses.

To your point about the usability of Mint, it is somewhat odd and not consistent with my own experiences.

Small example:

We live in Ontario and the kids are required to take French class.
I recently rebuilt the middle kids computer to upgrade to the newer Ubuntu and move her to a spare SSD drive I had kicking around to hold her over until I buy her a new computer.

So, as she's working on her French assignment for summer school she notices it is not doing any grammar/spell checking.

She googles "libreoffice French dictionary" , downloads it and installs it and moves on.
Had she used MS Office, she would have had the same issue (missing dictionary) and installed it in a similar way.

I don't prevent them from using windows. As i said earlier, when one of them had powerpoint issues i offered to convert her back but she found an alternative instead (borrowing her moms computer).

They can open their MS Office work from school on LibreOffice, edit it and save it back and for the most part it works fairly well (powerpoint being the big exception where some of the formatting gets all weird).

I will leave windows on their new computers and give it half the drive (500GB) so it is fully usable and let them decide which to run.

No one in my house are "coders" either (Obviously I am in IT but not a dev) but as someone else said their career choice is up to them and they have made their choices which are solid jobs with good future potential.

My two desktops at work both run windows and i have used Windows for my entire career. Having my kids use Linux at home doesn't harm their ability to use windows, but it does give them another prospective on how to solve issues.

I try to encourage them to think "outside the box" and not just go with the flow.

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