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Comment Re:Not surprising at all (Score 1) 65 65

Let's assume that the general education requirements of most college educations (ie, some smattering of English literature & composition, arts, bit of a foreign language, social studies, etc) actually does result in those students coming out slightly more knowledgeable than if they would have had even an "advanced" kind of technical education.

It's a reach, I know, but let's say they are overall a little smarter (ie, learned some new analytical skills & strategies) and are better informed.

I wonder if we're actually better off from this. Not because people aren't smarter or better informed, but because they're only a little smarter and a little better informed and they overestimate how well they informed they are and how good their analytical skills are.

On a mass scale, I wonder how much our political divisiveness and partisanship is driven by a whole bunch of people, who think they're smarter and better informed than they really are, taking sides -- often quite stridently -- on issues they don't really know about and reaching conclusions they don't really have the analytical tools to reach.

Add in the fact that everyone is an Internet Expert on everything they can read in Wikipedia and you have this recipe for high-quality mass ignorance and confirmation bias trying to portray itself as an educated populace.

If we moved the overwhelming majority of these people into a more advanced and focused vocational education that left out the "well rounded" part, would our *actual* ignorance as opposed to overestimated wisdom make us less partisan? Or would we just be even more gullible, swayed by propaganda, etc?

Comment Re:It'd take years to see the effect (Score 1) 65 65

I went back to school to learn computer programming on a part-time basis while working full time as a video game tester after the dot com bust. I couldn't get into some classes because there were too many students in 2002. That changed in 2005, where I couldn't get into some classes because there weren't enough students. My final year in school was all independent studies classes for classes that I needed for graduation but the school wasn't offering due to a lack of demand.

Comment Re:Lesson - never chase fads with your education (Score 1) 65 65

Take a challenging subject, figure out what you like to do, and work that into your entry level job search plan.

I had a roommate who spent $25,000 to learn automotive design on the West Coast in the late 1990's. During four years of school, he worked at the grocery store. After graduating from school, he still worked at the grocery store. If he haven't gotten married to woman who thought a little further out into the future than he did, he would still be working a grocery. Now he's doing warehouse logistics to pay down his student debts. He took automotive design because he likes cars. Go figure.

Comment Re:Wow, end of an era. (Score 3, Insightful) 138 138

For more than just a couple of us here, I suspect, there was a time when "Sparc," "UNIX," "graphics," "Internet," and "science" were all nearly synonymous terms.

I did a six-month internship at a Fortune 500 company in 1997 where every programmer had a SPARC workstation and a row of UNIX binders on a shelf above their desk. No one actually used the binders for anything, as they were just office decorations like the plastic plants. You couldn't be a SERIOUS ENGINEER without a row of SERIOUS BINDERS above your desk.

Comment Re:User scripts FTW (Score 1) 4 4

My point was just those features make quickie editing even quicker - your Amazon script is

var el = document.querySelector('#summaryStars, .totalReviewCount'), total = parseInt(el && el.textContent)

if (total) {
    Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('#histogramTable td:last-child a')), a => {
            var num = parseInt(a.textContent), pct = 100 * (num / total)
            a.innerHTML = `${num} - <b>${pct.toFixed(0)}%</b>`

and about two dozen of my scripts are variations on this :) Put the basic framework in the new script template and you just need to fill in a selector and what to do with each element...

There are a lot of annoying websites out there lol, hope this comes in handy next time one just needs that little fix... ;)

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