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Comment Re:How do they measure the dosing? (Score 1) 339

Because a "tab" is a known quantity?

Back in the day you kept track of the picture on the blotter because experience suggested that it might take 3 hits of "globe" to get the job done but if it was "orange sunshine" you really only needed one. And that windowpane? You either got nothing or you lost track of the next 36 hours completely.

Fixed dilution makes sense if you know what you're starting with, but my experience was you didn't really until you had sampled the batch a few times to figure it out.

I read of guys into powdered drugs with good lab skills who test and refine everything they buy so they can get the dose right, but that's almost practical with stuff dosed in the 10-20 mg range. At the microgram range? You'd need a decent starting quantity and a mass spectrometer.

Comment Re:Book misses major points (Score 0) 96

I don't think she sufficiently covered the HOW which is the problem.

They don't fund a charter school and see how the students there do.

They fund political campaigns to move money FROM the existing system TO their system.

When their system does not support their projections, they leave it. BUT THEY DO NOT PAY TO HAVE THE LAW REVERSED.

So the end result is a worse public school system.

Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 198

And you're doing this because at this point, you're obviously a fundamentally dishonest person.

I used to be a Republican. I'm speaking from experience. Doesn't help that my Tea Party relatives in Idaho keep emailing every little thing that comes out of the right wing echo chamber.

Don't even bother typing a response.

You accused me of being a dishonest person and don't want me to respond? You must be new around here.

Comment Re:Keto (Score 1) 142

It would be nice to have a low carb replacement for flour that would provide a convincing replacement for bread, chips and pasta. You can kind of do some stuff with almond flour, but I haven't always been impressed with it.

I'd like to see something more interesting done with pork rinds, even. They're not a bad replacment for crunchy chips, but it seems like the only kind you can find are really bad BBQ or "spicy" flavors. It would be nice to have some kind of yellow corn or neutral flavorings that could be used with guacamole or salsa. I stumbled across a decent nacho cheese flavor on a trip -- you can order them online, but there's like a 2 case minimum and that's a lot of commitment.

Comment What happened to Pascal, anyway? (Score 1) 121

I remember in the 1980s it seemed like kind of a big deal, an "advanced" programming language that required a compiler and a more real computer than an Apple ][ (although, yes, there was a Pascal system for the ][, IIRC it was worthless without two disk drives and really not an ideal platform). I knew people writing commercial software in Pascal. They taught it when I was in college. I think "Inside Macintosh" Vols. 1-3 that documented the Macintosh used Pascal.

It was kind of everywhere, and then it wasn't. What happened to it? Was it not really meant to be a "practical" language and meant to be kind of an advanced educational language? Did the growth of Unix-like systems on x86 push everyone into C? Did stuff like the availability of maybe Visual Basic or something grab the users who would have used Pascal?

Circa 1986 or so, you wouldn't have thought "kind of a dead language, nobody uses it for anything anymore" and you wouldn't have thought it would get that way any time soon.

Comment Re: he should know better (Score 1) 280

The First Amendment to the ...


It is sad and sickening to see so called liberals ...

Also correct.

BUT ... it does not matter. In the end it is up to the business whether it will run X or not.

By way of example: if I paid you $10 to put a sign on your lawn saying X would it be wrong for you to refuse to put a sign saying Y on your lawn for $10?

And that's where we are at with this. The theatres refuse all religious / political ads. That way they do not endorse X or Y. Nor can they be seen as supporting Y.

Comment Re:he should know better (Score 3, Insightful) 280

It is incredible how many people bring "free speech!" up in conversation where it is not warranted.

It's actually more incredible how many people think that freedom of speech is only a concept in relation to governmental restrictions on communication.

Obviously private party restrictions on speech aren't a violation of 1st Amendment rights, but it should be more than obvious that freedom of speech can be threatened by private restrictions on speech by refusing access to media, venues or physical places which are commonly accepted as public spaces.

Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 198

Nobody with any stature on the right believes any of those things.

No Establishment Republican believes that BS, but the base that listens to conservative radio does and they are the voters. Which is why Congressional Republicans are suffering a massive case of swamp fever and can't get anything done.

Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 198

You haven't been paying attention to the Right Wing echo chamber in recent years. President Obama will suspend the Constitution via executive order (never mind that George W. has issued more executive orders), activate the FEMA camps (hello, Oliver North), send all the white men to be executed by guillotines (paper cutters) and send all the white women to be raped by black men (white fear). Angry old white people believe this will happen any day now (For the pedantic, a democratically elected government can turn into a dictatorship by convincing citizens to trade in freedoms for security from terrorists.)

Comment Re:Education (Score 1) 488

I think part of it is a mindset that every problem has a solution, and that existing problems remain problems only because whoever gets to decide doesn't like the solution.

I'm sure everyone in IT has been at the point where euphemistically the solution to a problem is just to nuke the old system and start over because the problems in the old system are so complex and intractable that fixing it isn't practical on any timescale and replacing it is more time efficient.

I think applying that kind of thinking to political and social problems is probably a very easy step for a lot of people to make.

I also think that engineers are prone to thinking of "correct" and "incorrect" answers -- I've known plenty of IT people who once they latch onto "the correct" answer can't see any other solution -- even ones that solve the same problem -- as correct. There's one right answer. 1 + 1 = 2 and everything else is *wrong*.

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 100

Whenever a Comcast truck is in the neighborhood, I know my Internet connection was FUBAR. It took me a month to convince a Comcast rep to send out a technician to check out the service box on the pole. Surprise, surprise, surprise. The last technician installed a bypass filter backwards that cut off my Internet service. Fortunately, I still had a 56k dial-up account with another ISP during those outages.

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