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Comment Build on what already exists (Score 1) 165

I'm going to assume that you're not trying to save money from buying Legos, because that's kind of foolish, but instead trying to make custom parts to fit within the Lego system. Your best bet may be to use, at a minimum, 1x1 lego plates (round or square) for the attachment points and use a cheaper 3D printer with a material that bonds to that plastic (ABS, I think).
You can use other Legos to build supporting structures for the printer to build around and keep the 1x1 plates in place and aligned during the process.

If that doesn't solve your problem, then I think you'll need to add a lot of money somewhere to get a solution.

Comment Re:no, just no (Score 1) 353

Between the selfies taken in less clothing, yoga pants, and widespread acceptance of the see-through scanners at airports, It looks like a growing number of Americans are less concerned about concealing their bodies too. Look at me. Follow me. Like me.

I'm less worried about the power given to the people who are instituting these tracking laws (some of them believe it is for good, and other believe it will earn them a quick buck). Instead, I'm more worried about the psychopathic power-mongers that such a powerful vantage-point will eventually attract.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 366

This guy is an idiot. Renewables haven't failed, they are rapidly improving and winning against everything else on economic grounds. Nuclear isn't failing because of fear, it's because it isn't economically viable.

From the summary: "...have all attracted interest not just from academics but also from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists like me..."
It looks like he's not an idiot, but instead an investor that is encouraging people to change regulation so that something he's invested in can become more profitable. I didn't read the article, though, so I could be too quick to judgement.

Comment Encryption pushes toward equality (Score 3) 291

The more power you accumulate in one place, the more that place will attract greedy psychopaths and power-mongers. Imbalance of information knowledge is power and the key to domination. Encryption while on the grid is one of the few ways we have to prevent an accumulation of power that can be abused by those attracted to it. It puts everyone closer to the same footing. Equality of power in each citizen is what made our country strong. If we want to save lives from devastation over the next couple of generations, maybe we should make encryption stronger and invalidate any secret courts and secret laws... because... you know... imbalance of information.

Comment Re:I like it (Score 1) 80

One of the first things I did was to learn how to put the google ecosystem on it along with the play store. Then it became as useful as most other androids.
A quick search should give you one of several pages with instructions.

Comment There's still lots of improvement opportunity (Score 3, Interesting) 100

Because it searches for correlation between faces and DNA, and it's getting arguably discernible results already. I'm expecting it to improve as it gets more sample data, more processing power, and more researchers identifying distinguishing facial characteristics for it to attempt a DNA correlation to. Further, when they find out how to show examples at different milestone ages, then that would lead to even more interesting applications. Imagine knowing what your baby will look like before they are born... and the societal questions that that brings.

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