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Comment: ad infinitum (Score 2) 135

by dingleberrie (#48571609) Attached to: Rosetta Results: Comets "Did Not Bring Water To Earth"

... and... where did the asteroid get the water? Smaller asteroids?
Without doing any research on the topic, yet smug in my own opinion (hello slashdot family!) I don't know why we'd ascribe a smaller rock-like mass as responsible for delivering simple molecules to a bigger rock-like mass.

Comment: keep the passwords locked up but easy to get to (Score 1) 191

by dingleberrie (#47992853) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Keep Students' Passwords Secure?

Use Dropbox (or any cloud service that sync local files) and Keepass 2 (open source) to keep them in an encrypted file that is shared among anyone. You can also do group file sharing in dropbox, though I don't do that with my passwords file.

The keepass file is encrypted.
I've done this for several years. It's awesome. It allows you to change your password for the same site without depending on some algorithm to lock you into only one possible password for that site.
You can add and edit the file and it synchronizes. I can even use mini-keepass on my iphone, also with dropbox, so if I'm ever needing info without my PC, I can grab the password.

I keep credit card info (easier to cut and paste when ordering online) and game and website login info.

Comment: Re:Brilliant! (Score 1) 352

You're not trying.
I'm not even a fan of microsoft, but I read slashdot, and I've seen stuff I respect:
* Pushing an innovative and amazing peripheral into the consumer space with XBOX One kinect (Privacy issues and untrustability make this undesirable, but the techology is awesome, and the price is awesomer).
* Rewriting their windows infrastructure so that it boots in 5 seconds, runs well on a tablet and is still compatible with, you know, Windows.
* They beat apple and android to the flat design race. I don't like the look, but it came first, which is the opposite of point C.
* Putting an infrastructure in place to merge the PC, tablet, and phone when the time is right. Maybe this ain't that time, but it's not because of a technological limitation.
* Showing that even a huge company with a long company cultural history can revise and improve SW design processes to move from monolithic releases to rapid releases.

Now I could also release a list of things I don't like, as I could with any company, but there is some major innovation going on at Microsoft now that they have competition.

Comment: Is it the same? (Score 1) 150

by dingleberrie (#47499817) Attached to: New York Judge OKs Warrant To Search Entire Gmail Account

Isn't all criteria, by definition, more narrowly tailored than no criteria?

In your house, you can throw out things and hide others in a secret place, on your hard drive you can throw out things and encrypt others.
Does this Gmail account allow you to throw-out and hide things? Is it really analogous?

Comment: Re:The explanation is simple (Score 0) 245

So why did WTC 7, that third building that was not hit by a plane, collapse as though the top floor had nothing under it?
I posted that question a few months ago, but got no suggestions. I'd be open to any theory that has a rational explanation.

I see videos on youtube if I search for wtc7.

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