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Comment: Ban the internet! (Score 2) 194

by dimethylxanthine (#46108241) Attached to: How the Web Makes a Real-Life <em>Breaking Bad</em> Possible
Joking. Interesting read. Clearly some drugs, by all means not all, should be legalised - better quality, increased safety, less incentives to invent untested and often hazardous chemicals and, last but not least, PROFIT for the country's budget! Old school politics and the WOD nonsense have caused enough damage already. Even the head of UK Police is saying it: End war on drugs, says Durham police chief Mike Barton

Comment: Owncloud (Score 2, Interesting) 120

by dimethylxanthine (#46064533) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Events Calendar Software For Local Community?
Though it provides a handful of other features, such as file storage and address books, it has a pretty robust CalDAV management interface, complete with user & group sharing and mobile device support - which is what I've primarily set it up to do for our SME without the need of signing up for Google Apps at $5 a pop.

Hope this helps.

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