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Comment Re:If you need entertainment. (Score 1) 140

You're completely uneducated guess is correct - people's brains often tune out the radio when the road requires more attention. Radios are not problems unless some idiot is trying to impress the neighborhood with it instead of just listening happily to their own tunes, in which case they can no longer here emergency vehicles or even people honking at them to stop playing with the dial and go because the light turned green 10 seconds ago!

You are absolutely right about having a conversation with someone in the car. This does cause problems, but not as often as you'd think, because they tend to also see the driving situation and the attentiveness of the driver and often back off with the conversation (whether or not they even realize they're doing it).

So the problem with talking on the phone, even hands free, is that the other person is demanding your attention and they DON'T know what your driving circumstances are. You stop paying attention to them and they get mad, maybe even talking louder ("are you even listening to me?!?!"). So hands free or not, talking on the phone while driving is a BAD idea.

Comment Re:Losers? (Score 1) 388

Let's see... the main character just married Kaley Cuoco's character. Doesn't sound like a total loser to me. Of course, a loser like Leonard marrying Penny might be an indication of jumping the shark, too. The only nerds getting women that attractive are the rich ones.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 4, Interesting) 388

I like it, too; it's got it's problems, but it makes me laugh, which is the point. If anything, though, I see it more as the wet dream of nerds - they all get women (some of them quite attractive, some of them nerdy themselves - which is very attractive to a lot of nerds). I work in a very creative environment, with a lot of animators and artists - and a lot of them like the show. They all have toy collections and nerdy sides to them. The show doesn't have intellectual humor - it just makes you think it does; at the end of the day, it's like a lot of other sitcoms where we watch the lives of a bunch of social misfits - like the Simpsons, Married with Children, Seinfeld...

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 917

And then what? Did he always need his friends around after that to defend himself against you? I know it didn't feel like it at the time, but frankly, you "won."

I was the fat, slow kid that a lot of people picked on. On two separate occasions - once in middle school, and once in high school, I turned on the guy hassling me and just started pounding. Got in trouble at school; in school suspensions. Neither of those guys hassled me again. My only regret is not doing it sooner and more often.

Comment Re:64%? (Score 1) 278

Man, oh man... there's so much to what you are saying, not even all of it has to do with the issue at hand (there should be death penalty for drivers stopping past the stop line at a red light so that drivers to their right CAN'T see what's coming from the left(*)), but I have to question those statistics, too.

If the laws are favorable to pedestrians - like that they really do, literally, always have the right of way - then the "at fault" statistic is going to be skewed. The article states that pedestrians ARE cited, so there must be some restrictions, but without knowing in who's favor the laws are skewed (pedestrains vs. vehicles), a statistic like 64% being any particular group's "fault" is hard to decipher.

(*) I mean, what benefit does a person turning left get by stopping AFTER the stop line? The ONLY things they succeed in doing are blocking the view for people who might be able to make right on red turns, and (possibly) obstructing traffic turning left from the cross street.

Comment Re:There is nothing you can do (Score 1) 278

Yes, what you're saying is true to a large extent, but pedestrians also act all superior and like they always have the right of way - they don't. Pardon the pun, but it's a two way street. I'd definitely like more pedestrian friendly areas with lower speed limits (and bike lanes for everyone!), seriously... but we don't have that, so pedestrians need to be careful to. Yes, I drive to work, but I otherwise do a lot of walking, and never presume someone sees me or that I have the right of way when I'm cutting across a street and not using a crosswalk.

Comment Re:Right Of Way (Score 4, Insightful) 278

Even Missouri gets that right. ... That means that any pedestrian-involved accidents are automatically the vehicle driver's fault, including any applicable criminal charges.

The problem here is you think that's getting it "right."

Virtually everywhere else, if a pedestrian is hit on a roadway and they're NOT in the crosswalk, if they aren't killed then THEY'RE the ones getting a ticket for jay-walking.

And THAT is "right." And I say this as someone who prefers walking when possible.

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