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Comment: Re:We are wise to this (Score 1) 161

by MrL0G1C (#47514129) Attached to: Firefox 31 Released

FFS, my 40+ bookmark urlicons and folders just disappeared, the bookmark bar is still there, it is blank now. 1-click access to sites gone and some indeterminate amount of time pissing about trying to get them back.

Because hey, who doesn't want to click-type-type-type-type-click-wait-click to visit their favourite sites.

Comment: So, Verizons normal service is the slow lane? (Score 1) 74

Is this an admission by Verizon that normally their service is the slow lane and they will make everybody's service even slower to enable a small few to have a 'fast lane'.

Why don't they just put in the infrastructure needed for peoples internet to work like what they paid for already. Are they going to give refunds for not supplying the service they sold?

Comment: Re:The problem is... (Score 1) 186

Smallpox is not a MAD weapon like nuclear weapons, that analogy does not work.

Someone launches smallpox at you, what are you going to do, launch some kind of herpes at them?

Also, US has thousands of nuclear weapons, so the MAD argument again doesn't work because the US have far superior weapon at their disposal.

Comment: Re:The problem is... (Score 1) 186

You seem to have completely ignored the post you replied to, it's not like MAD because MAD stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. Smallpox is not MAD it is MAILS (Mutually Assured Itchy Little Spots) and as such is a stupid crap weapon. Smallpox inoculation was used by the Chinese over 400 years ago.

As the parent mentioned, you don't need to keep stock because if your enemy has lost their marbles and launched itchy at you then you have a sample of it. And if you'd read the summary you'd know that you don't need live samples to research it and anyway, if someone made a weapon out of it they would have most likely mutated it in which case you wouldn't have a sample until they launched it at you.

Comment: Re:So much for the "Information Age" (Score 1) 422

by MrL0G1C (#47506479) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Spain is on the list:

You take the ramblings of two nutjobs in war torn Syria seriously and act like these two peoples threat to invade a country actually means something.

If you believe the ramblings of crazy people, what does that make you?

Bigotry is the state of mind of someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust or hatred on the basis of a person's ethnicity, race, religion...

I looked at the shoebat site and bigotry definitely fits the bill, note how there are only stories about muslims doing bad things and not cristians, Jewish etc. The site is wall to wall fear, distrust and hatred, that is very clear.

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by MrL0G1C (#47503913) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

Yes, some badly run businesses may go out of business, but that is a regular occurrence anyway. A substantial increase in the minimum wage means poor employees have more money to spend in their local economies, which of course can lead to more jobs.

I personally think that there is an obvious overall benefit to the economy and crime is also likely to fall as some people no longer feel the need to commit crime to make ends meet. Having a high minimum wage is worth it because it takes people out of poverty and benefits the taxman with more taxes and means that other tax payers can pay less because they don't need to support poor people who are so badly paid that they are still claiming benefits whilst they work.

Why should tax-payers subsidise corporations like Walmart who pay low wages?

Comment: Re:Crazy (Score 2) 770

by MrL0G1C (#47494241) Attached to: States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

About 5% of workers are on minimum wage in the first place, out of those 5%, some will not be rehired

That doesn't make any sense, businesses don't hire people on a whim, they hire people because they have roles that need doing, minimum wage doesn't change that. Many European countries have a minimum wage, I've seen no evidence showing that is has a detrimental effect, including where I live where it was put in place over a decade ago.

Any business that doesn't hire the people it needs is cutting off it's nose to spite it's face, or shooting itself in the foot, take your pick.

Minimum wage comparison of countries chart Here

Australia's minimum wage is approx $17.50 USD, it doesn't seem to be wrecking their economy.

Comment: Re:No public drug use (Score 1) 472

by MrL0G1C (#47489865) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

No operating heavy machinery or participation in traffic while intoxicated.

It doesn't matter whether drugs are legal/illegal, medicinal or recreational, if they impair skill or judgement then there should be laws to prevent people from driving / operating machinery whilst taking them.

Comment: Biased and wrong summary (flamebait) (Score 2) 44

by MrL0G1C (#47487825) Attached to: UK Government Faces Lawsuit Over Emergency Surveillance Bill

The British Government has had to produce an emergency surveillance Bill

No, it didn't have to, EU just told it not to do this and many organisations and people strongly protested against such a move.

EU court just told UK that the data retention law is illegal - so what did they do? make another law to do exactly the same thing, WTF?

Comment: Re:Standard for the Brits (Score 1) 117

"In my world view", bollocks, don't go assuming that you know what my world view is, if you did know then you wouldn't come up with crap like "Yeah, the US military really hates a straight-up fight."

Actually these days they do hate a straight up fight, if the US entered a war now and as many US soldiers died as did enemy soldiers, the US public would hate it.

"You don't go out and kick a mad dog. If you have a mad dog with rabies, you take a gun and shoot him." -- Pat Robertson, TV Evangelist, about Muammar Kadhafy