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Comment Re:They don't need to be up there (Score 1) 39

has superior on-die graphics

As a gamer who always buys graphics cards, I don't want my CPU to cost more and have die space wasted with GPU that I will never use. If Intel, AMD and Nvidia got their act together my GFX card could be turned off whilst I'm not playing games and that onboard GPU would have a use, but sadly they haven't and gigawatts of electricity is wasted. Even getting AMD chips to use power saving has been a total pain to get working in the past - and the amount of power saved could buy a new processor over a few years.

Comment Re:BT (Score 1) 59

Yeah, BT have been milking it for call-blocking revenue. I only have a landline because it's mandatory for internet, it's been unplugged for months because I got sick of cold calls. The govt need to break up the landline cartel, Virgin, BT etc have raised their prices from £10 to £17 per month over the last few years whilst inflation has been near to zero and the costs have fallen not increased.

Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1, Insightful) 134

That has probably to do with the fact that in the US most people consume processed foods almost exclusively.
And thanks to radical, free capitalism there are almost no regulations on what kind of shit to put in there, so your food is stuffed with stabilizers, preservatives, flavors, colorants, antibiotics, emulsifying agents, sugar, salt, caffeine, and cojones extract of mutant cows from outer space.

So once your eat normal food from mother nature, your immune system goes bonkers. If it doesn't contain any of those chemicals you're used to, it must be poison!

Submission + - Prematurely published processor patch privately points at 32 core support

Iamthecheese writes: Article title: "Confirms", but the article text doesn't bear that out. There are hints of such from last year. A leaked patch for the 14 nanometer AMD Zeppelin (Family 17h, Model 00h) reveals support for up to 32 cores. Another blog says pretty much the same thing. We recently discussed an announced 4+8 core AMD chip, but nothing like this.

Comment Propaganda (Score 4, Insightful) 100

"The site has closed down more than 125,000 accounts associated with terrorism"

^ This, folks is what's known as propaganda and it's utter BS.

It doesn't take more than a couple of seconds of logical thought to realise that either the 125,000 number is wrong or the accounts are not associated with terrorism, unless you include talking about terrorism to mean 'associated with terrorism'

It's sad that people fall for this kind of crap.

Comment Re:Trend towards illegibility (Score 1) 156

All webmasters should do time+motion study to get it into their heads that people want to do things quickly and 1 click is better than 5 clicks.

Google seem to delight in adding extra clicks in order to deter you from logging in or out, Logging in to google breaks my password managers 1-click functionality and requires 2 extra clicks. Fully logging out involves several page loads and no less than 7 clicks.

Comment Re:OT Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

"Applying your exact same logic, should the speed limit be zero (The only truly 'safe' speed)?"

Indeed and that is why I support closing down through roads to rat-running, allowing only bikes and pedestrians through to encourage cycling and walking and to reduce injuries and deaths from unnecessary traffic around where people live.

The simple fact is there are far too many serious injuries and deaths here in the UK and the US is twice as bad, so 30mph isn't suitable in residential area here, note - higher speeds on some main roads is ok depending on circumstances. Some London Boroughs have changed to 20mph and life goes on.

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