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Comment Re:Mars isn't going anywhere. (Score 1) 169

Maybe the first step would be to build solar energy collectors at different points in orbit around the sun. Future spacecraft could then dock at these "space fuel stations" to refuel. The same should be done with communication arrays, to slowly but surely expand communication capabilities across the solar system.

Once you have the energy, and the communications then you can start thinking about interplanetary spaceships. These should probably be "manned" by remote controlled robots instead of humans though. At least until they have paved the way for us.

Comment Re:Typical Liberal Thinking (Score 1) 109

"Coal is worse than gas no matter how you look at it."

Except for fracked gas which has a habit of leaking, and with methane being a far more potent greenhouse gas, natural gas can actually be worse.

Satellite image shows massive gas leaks on this page:
Life around New Mexico's gas wells: how fracking is turning the air foul | Environment | The Guardian

Comment Re:Climate has never not been changing. (Score 1) 369

Most of the articles I read, especially on scientific topics, are written in a professional, yes, unbiased, matter-of-fact way.

But of course, if your perception has been decalibrated so much off common-sense that scientific statements seem "biased" to you, then there might be something wrong with your sensory input stimuli. I believe one of the most common cases of this psychological disorder in the US is prolonged exposure to Fox News channel.

Comment Re:Climate has never not been changing. (Score 2) 369

North America has often been getting our (Europe) dose of winter the last couple of years. Last couple of years temperatures where I live never got below the freezing point. Now its mid November and we have been getting almost 20 degrees C (68F) on some days. In central Europe winters have been noticeably warmer and we barely get any snow anymore.

Seriously, anyone doubting climate change and global warming, simply educate yourself and read the Wikipedia articles on it. They are scientific, to the point and unbiased.

Unless you are one of those people who think that reality and science has a liberal bias... then there is no helping you.

Comment Re:Real smart fella (sarcasm) (Score 1) 518

I think he phrased that wrong. What he probably meant to say is, that ISIS does not regard itself as being evil. For them, we are evil, with our pornography, homosexuality, atheism, idolism, liberalism and other lack of "morals". They consider themselves the righteous defenders of the one true faith, doing the right thing by punishing the unbelievers.

I think a large part of what is happening these days with islamic extremism can be attributed to "culture shock". Many people underestimate the importance of culture to societies, and with all the global news and social network of modern times, everyone on the globe is being confronted head on with liberal western culture. To many people who grow up in ultra-conservative, quasi medieval third world contries, a lot of that western stuff is perceived like pulling down your pants and shoving your dick in their face.

Comment Re:Major Fail Update (Score 2) 181

And never mind the new and improved "your keyboard presses are our keyboard presses. no really, we need to know what keys you are pressing and you can't opt out of it. and no, we won't tell you how we are using them."


The only thing I want my computer communicating to MS is what updates I need, nothing else. f**k Win10 there's no way in hell I'm installing it.

Comment Re:Feedback welcome! (Score 3, Informative) 37

Hi Andreas,

I'm a big fan of Civ games, and I think I have played them all, from Civ 1-5 to the Call of Powers, Freeciv, AlphaCentauri and C-evo. One thing I often wonder about is the striking disparity between the quality of the AI's in these games. Strangely enough, it seems that for some reason the AI of the community games is usually much, much stronger than the commercial versions. Experienced players can get a good challenge on even ground playing Freeciv or C-evo, whereas in commercial Civ games ramping up the difficulty usually means giving bonuses and cheats to the AI.

Why are game companies so bad at writing a decent AI for a civ game? Or why is the community so good at it?
Freeciv is open source - and all Civ games are very similar in the core aspects. You'd think the problem of implementing a good AI has been "solved" for this type of game. Yet the AI of the latest game in the series Civ-5 is again ridiculously incompetent.

Comment Re:From one Lion's Den into another (Score 1) 173

And I am supposed to accept your verdict based on what evidence? Your say-so?

Based on the facts that
- Russia is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists

- Russia has one of the lowest press freedom indices in the world

- There is a clampdown taking place in Russia on all independent media
- there are confirmed "Troll Factories" in Russia spreading lies and propaganda on social media across the world

Really, I could provide 500 other sources on all that's wrong with Russian media, but frankly I'm getting tired of fiddling with the A HREF's.

But let me guess, you're Russian (or from a Russian-friendly nation, such as Serbia) and you consume your news mainly from Russian sources?

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 220

It's much worse, The Commission are an unelected unaccountable bunch of c**t bureaucrats who let the lobbyists write the laws, they continuously bombard the EU parliament with shit to see what sticks. They truly deserve to hang (like the UK tory govt).

Unfortunately EU MEPs are not even sticking to the principles of their parties and super-groups that they belong to let alone representing the voters who put them in to parliament.

3.3 million signatures against TTIP and still the c***s support it. Obama is worse though.

Home - Stop TTIP Stop TTIP


Steam Has Brought 1,600 Games To Linux In the Past Three Years (phoronix.com) 110

An anonymous reader writes: Today marks three years since Valve's Steam client went into beta on Linux. In that time over 1,600 games have become natively available for Linux. Going beyond having many new Linux games, Phoronix recaps, "we've seen Valve make significant investments into the open-source graphics stack and other areas of Linux (in part through their sponsorship of Collabora and LunarG). Valve developers are significantly pushing SDL2. We've seen more mainstream interest in Linux gaming, and Valve has been heavily involved in the creation of the Vulkan graphics API. They have given away their entire game collection to the Mesa/Ubuntu/Debian upstream developers, and much more." The three-year anniversary is coincidentally just days before the release of Steam Machines.

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline (washingtonpost.com) 369

An anonymous reader writes: The Keystone XL pipeline controversy is finally coming to a close. On Friday, President Obama denied a construction permit for the pipeline, ending a seven-year political fight. Obama said, "America's now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. And frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership. And that's the biggest risk we face — not acting." Secretary of State John Kerry added, "The reality is that this decision could not be made solely on the numbers — jobs that would be created, dirty fuel that would be transported here, or carbon pollution that would ultimately be unleashed. The United States cannot ask other nations to make tough choices to address climate change if we are unwilling to make them ourselves." The decision comes as no surprise to the oil industry, and they've been busily working on other ways to transport the oil. "U.S. imports of oil from Canada hit a record high of 3.4 million barrels a day in August, up from just under 2 million barrels a day in 2008, the year the pipeline was proposed."

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