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Comment Re:Stop liking what you don't like? (Score 1) 203

The film was ok, they did many things right. But the fucking "Starkiller Base" practically ruined it for me. The whole thing is fucking ridiculous. Yet another superweapon, bigger and badder than the last one. Firing sun-powered laser beams through hyperspace destroying all republic worlds in one shot! Woohoo! Except this time nobody seems to gives a fuck about the billions of lives destroyed. Then its blown up by the rebels, again.
Talk about lazy, dumb ass writing.

Comment Re:That sucks (Score 1) 276

Bingo. It wasn't totally unbiased, but they covered a lot of stuff that never made it into the 3-minute "news" cycle that most of the news outlets in the US live and die by.

They also create many good documentaries, which you can still watch on their website. Not surprising, considering many BBC employees were wooed when Aljazeera got started.

Comment Re:70s (Score 1) 729

I'm pretty certain you will be expected to repay that financial aid at some point. And I can tell you that the official line is often undercut by the realities on the ground. One example from my personal experience: all the paperwork for financial aid needs to be completed and approved, which takes time. More often than not money is needed up front for enrollment, accommodation and resources before all the paperwork is finished and approval is given, so if you don't have the money up front you won't be able to enroll and if you don't enroll, then of course the whole point of the aid is moot. I've been in this money trap a couple of times during my time in college, and thankfully had family backing to bail me out.
Also I am sure there is a selection process, as these universities are interested in the paying "customers", since there is a competition going on.

I've studied in Germany, where university enrollment is officially free of charge, and still finished with a debt of 20.000 Euro, despite working part-time jobs. That's a manageable amount, if you find a job in reasonable time. A couple of times I was on the verge of dropping out because I couldn't afford some specific student fees, and could only continue thanks to family stepping in and supporting me.

I've had some nerve wracking experiences in college, most of them related to lack of money, and all of this in Germany, where you can "mostly" study for free. I can't fathom what it must be like at Harvard or Yale, if you don't have the financial resources to spare.

Comment Re:70s (Score 5, Insightful) 729

It has nothing to do with the gold standard. Corporations move their HQ to tax havens like Ireland and pay next to nothing on their profits. Executives collect obscene amounts of bonuses in addition to their ever increasing salaries, and then shove their billions into "charities" that are of course under their control but it makes them look great in the public eye. Meanwhile most of the tax burden has been shoved on to the middle class. All of this thanks to bullshit conservative policy making that protects the wealthy, and thanks to an elitist lock-out culture of Harvards and Yale's only the wealthy can afford, it stays that way. But this is not just a U.S. problem. Every year it gets harder and harder for the middle class to maintain the standard of living, despite the increase in productivity. In Europe it used to be you could use your hard earned, taxed income as an employee to buy a house, or company shares, or other investments as provision and to start building a fortune. Today more and more rocks are placed in your path and when you perform these investments you are taxed again and again, every time money exchanges hands. Meanwhile the super rich have their financial advisor in Monaco handle their financial transactions and don't leave a penny in taxes.
If you are down you are supposed to stay down, and politicians are not interested in changing that as they are eager to curry favor with their rich audience, for when their time in politics is over.

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