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Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1, Insightful) 133

That has probably to do with the fact that in the US most people consume processed foods almost exclusively.
And thanks to radical, free capitalism there are almost no regulations on what kind of shit to put in there, so your food is stuffed with stabilizers, preservatives, flavors, colorants, antibiotics, emulsifying agents, sugar, salt, caffeine, and cojones extract of mutant cows from outer space.

So once your eat normal food from mother nature, your immune system goes bonkers. If it doesn't contain any of those chemicals you're used to, it must be poison!

Comment Re:Stop liking what you don't like? (Score 1) 203

The film was ok, they did many things right. But the fucking "Starkiller Base" practically ruined it for me. The whole thing is fucking ridiculous. Yet another superweapon, bigger and badder than the last one. Firing sun-powered laser beams through hyperspace destroying all republic worlds in one shot! Woohoo! Except this time nobody seems to gives a fuck about the billions of lives destroyed. Then its blown up by the rebels, again.
Talk about lazy, dumb ass writing.

Comment Re:That sucks (Score 1) 276

Bingo. It wasn't totally unbiased, but they covered a lot of stuff that never made it into the 3-minute "news" cycle that most of the news outlets in the US live and die by.

They also create many good documentaries, which you can still watch on their website. Not surprising, considering many BBC employees were wooed when Aljazeera got started.

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