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+ - Transparency: the good, the bad and the ugly->

Submitted by
deman1985 writes "A common complaint about big corporations is a lack of transparency. Entrepreneurs, particularly those coming from a former engineering background, tend to take the opposite approach and conduct company operations in the open. Is this a wise move, however? How open is too open? A serial entrepreneur gives his take.

Disclaimer: I'm the serial entrepreneur in question."

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+ - An Engineer in Entrepreneur's Clothing->

Submitted by
deman1985 writes "Almost all engineers have at one time contemplated going into business for themselves but few are successful. Is this just the typical business failure rate or is the problem something deeper in the transition from engineer to entrepreneur? As someone who went through that transition and has survived, I've written up a story detailing my journey, the failures, the challenges and what I have learned from the experience. My hope is to help other engineers learn from my mistakes and avoid the frustration, lost money and lost time that I experienced."
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Comment: Before doing anything else... (Score 1) 360

by deman1985 (#29352115) Attached to: Bootstrapping a New Technology?
I would talk to a local (ideally publicly-funded) technology incubator or small business development center. These organizations have a vested interest in seeing you take your concept to the next level, assuming that the business plan is sound. We work with TechColumbus (our local incubator) quite frequently as sources for development work. They will be the best source for lining up additional funding, talent and anything else you need.

Comment: Shameless plug, but... (Score 1) 262

by deman1985 (#27358669) Attached to: Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?
I run a contract technology development firm (KappaStone) based in Columbus, Ohio. We work with start-ups and small companies all the time and I'd be happy to sit down and talk about your concept. Although the bulk of our work is done on a cash basis, we are willing to discuss alternative agreements on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any interest, visit our site at or give us a call at 800-706-4534.

+ - ZillionTV Service Promises Personalized TV

Submitted by
deman1985 writes "A start-up company called ZillionTV is set to offer a new personalized TV service that will feature content from Disney, NBC, Fox, Warner Bros, and Sony. The service is currently in beta, but the company expects to offer 15,000 titles by the end of the year. From the article:

The service would also let viewers personalize advertising categories and then insert commercials into programs based on user preferences. Viewers would also be able to buy items on the spot through a store operated by ZillionTV in conjuction with Visa Inc (V.N), another ZillionTV stakeholder.

I for one am excited to see more of these services popping up. It's a good sign that media companies are beginning to see the light and loosen their grip on precious content!"

Social Networks

+ - Facebook Introducing More Changes

Submitted by
deman1985 writes "Facebook today announced a handful of new changes that are set to take effect in short order. Amongst the changes are the addition of status messages to fan pages and an overhauled home page that includes real-time updates. The LA Times reports:

Facebook showed off the changes as part of its broad redesign, which is rolling out across the site next Wednesday. Some of the changes are cosmetic: Tabs will move to the top of the user's page, with a stronger focus on wall posts and content updates (posted links, blog posts, etc.). But they're also designed to make the News Feed more of a steady stream.

Is Facebook going Twitter? What do you think of the upcoming changes?"


+ - DoD offers $1 million for wearable power supply->

Submitted by
coondoggie writes "The Department of Defense wants to pay you $1 million to come up with a lightweight "wearable power" battery pack for soldiers.The DoD says typical soldier going out for a four-day mission carries as much as 40 pounds of batteries and rechargers in his pack and it wants to fix that. The goal is to reduce the weight for the power system that drives radios, night-vision devices, global positioning systems and other combat gear, including a recharging system, to about 2 pounds per day. The DoD is looking to mimic the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which has experienced successes using contests to attract competitors to develop innovative unmanned vehicles and other objects. Now the Defense Research and Engineering Office is hoping to tap into that same competitive spirit to develop longer-duration, lighter-weight power supplies. Three prizes will be awarded in November 2008: $1 million, $500,000 and $250,000. 8"
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The Internet

+ - Webcasters to pay excessive licensing fees?

Submitted by
MarianoL writes "The founder of the Internet radio site, is pleading with listeners to join a campaign to "save Internet radio." They formed a SaveNetRadio Coalition in response to a decision by the Copyright Royalty Board in Washington, DC that will almost triple the licensing fees for Internet radio sites and webcasting sites. Also Joe Kennedy the Pandora CEO talks about how will that impact podcasters (including bloggers) and other small webcasting sites that in an interview."

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