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Comment: Re:PUE - Power Usage Effectiveness (Score 1) 211

by skyshock21 (#30053056) Attached to: How Do You Evaluate a Data Center?
Absolutely! Most DC's use old school cooling tech. Cold/Hot aisle cooling using air vented from raised floors... that stuff is from the dinosaur ages. You're not going to get good PUE numbers from such a setup. Open cooling systems like that are a complete and utter waste. Steer clear from datacenters like this.

Comment: Re:Q-boats (Score 1) 830

by skyshock21 (#27691079) Attached to: Mariners Develop High Tech Pirate Repellents
Arrest them? What happens when they're armed enough to kill the supposed arrestors and speed off? They're in International waters right, so what laws then apply to them? I ask that out of ignorance because I honestly don't know. It's not like you can just running to their home country and tattle on them, most of the time the countries' governments where they come from are just as corrupt.

Comment: Re:All that and ruggedized? (Score 1) 236

by skyshock21 (#27649583) Attached to: Rugged Linux Server For Rural, Tropical Environment?
I would recommend using NO hardware.

The environment there seems to dictate that it's not a good place to try and maintain infrastructure. It'll be like trying to iceskate uphill. Find a server instance in a managed hosting facility that offers you a shell account for cheap and completely forget about maintaining power, cooling, uptime, etc... on your own. As long as you have decent network access there, this shouldn't be a problem. might be another good place to look.

Comment: Re:Another reason not to go to the theatre (Score 0, Redundant) 336

by skyshock21 (#27109047) Attached to: Audio Watermarks Could Pinpoint Film Pirates By Seat
Not to mention by the time it's leaked on the 'net by the guy filming in the theater it's too late. So effing what if they know what seat the person was in that filmed it. They still don't know the showing time or the cinema location by such data. And even if they DID ask for ID, are they going to pay police to hand out tickets ensuring accuracy of IDs (i.e. no one's using fakes?)

This is about 4-5 new kinds of Fail.

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