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+ - Open-unsolved Problems

Submitted by
CexpTretical writes "Their are plenty of open or unsolved problems left for this generation. Open problems exists in almost every field of study. Wikipedia maintains a small list of them and at least one international group called the Union of International Associations maintains a database of open problems. These types of resources point us to what may be the noblest use or purpose of the internet, to empower everyone to contribute or add to that body of information we call human knowledge and understanding. Not just academia or governments but anyone can join the great conversation, the ultimate forum."

+ - Pope decries video game violence

Submitted by sesshomaru
sesshomaru (173381) writes "From an article on (Pope decries video game violence):
Pope Benedict XVI has added his voice to the discussion in Europe in favor of stricter controls on violent video games and their sale to children.

The trend to develop products including animated films and video games that exalt violence and anti-social behavior is repulsive, especially when such products are aimed at children, he said in a message delivered on Wednesday.
Further down, it says that the Germans are going to push for a Europe wide ban on "violent" games."
The Internet

+ - Google expert debunks 'undetectable' link spam

Submitted by
netbuzz writes "Google's Webspam expert Matt Cutts sort of channels Chris Rock's famous "No matter what a stripper tells you" bit in debunking new SEO claims of the "undetectable" link scheme. To illustrate his point, Cutts digs out a 2002 e-mail from another SEO "expert" who inadvertently and amusingly makes the point for him — a point he contends is as valid today as it was then. 3"

+ - The 10 Big Tech Stories Of 2006

Submitted by digihome
digihome (997564) writes " picks the 10 big stories of 2006, the ones that you followed closely throughout the year and that kept you coming back for more. Some you love to hate, along with the one we've been waiting for so long that its arrival seemed anticlimactic. And more than a few that made you angry. What do you think were the top stories of 2006? ews.jhtml?articleId=196801036"

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